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Dealing with Vital Matters

Doing efficiently what had better be left undone, might call for the dreary fare and ruin in the long run.

When you know where to stop, you have stability. When you have stability, you can be tranquil. When you are tranquil, you can be at ease.

When you are at ease, you can deliberate. When you can deliberate you can attain further aims. [Cf. Confucius, The Great Learning]

He who possesses the country must be prudent. [The Book of Odes, cf. Bp, Bos]

Some Words

Say "Bah!" to stupid disregard of the flesh the sooner the better.

To flourish, penetrating insights need deeper understanding than surface interpretations give. To make seemingly wonderful realisations count, you have to stick to them and let them into the everyday life - which may seem like surface living - it's fairly often like that. What is needed is living out good things one comes across.

Living out good things?

Once God was afraid. He thought: "Since there is nothing but myself anywhere, what am I afraid of?"

He also found he was not happy; he desired a mate. He turned into a man and wife in close embrace.

He divided his body in two; from that division husband and wife came about. Therefore the body, before one accepts a wife, is half of oneself, like the half of a split pea.

And therefore this space is indeed filled by the wife.

He was united with her. From that union human beings were born. She reflected: "How can God unite with me after having produced me from himself? Well, let me hide."

She became a cow, God became a bull and was united with her, and from that union cattle were born. In this way he produced everything that comes in pairs -

God created a man and wife in order to enjoy happiness, yet did not do away with his own keen self. [Cf. Hirr 40]


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