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A woman disciple of Yogananda had a difficult decision to make . . . But no matter how much she prayed she could not get an answer.

She talked with Swami Kriyananda about it. He was sitting in an armchair and she was on the floor in front of him, with an ottoman between them. As she began to explain her dilemma, she collapsed with emotion against the ottoman, buried her head in her hands, and began to sob.

Through her tears, she said, "It is so hard to know what God wants."

Kriyananda looked calmly at her and said, "No, it's not." (Praver 2006:62)

In Yogananda's two main fellowships there is a wealth of words. One has to look through them to stop wasting time. Kriyananda once said, "You are going to get it right sooner or later. Why waste millions of years?" (Praver, 2006:61)

Stand sincerity and live well

Maybe we may not have millions of years to waste, and maybe not trillions either. It could be less than millions, for what we know. What matters is to get quality time for worthy enterprises in this life, if that can be had. We may not be all sure how long we will live and how our conditions will be around the corner, so it looks wise enough to start to make good use of our lives today, and go on that way. Meditation is at the centre of the wheel of dharma. The metaphor says: Meditation may give a better fare. However, there are some caveats.

At any rate, it may be good for a human to keep grandiose-looking but unproven claims at arm's length and know how to be practical too. In reincarnation research much unverified claims tend to be given very little weight, if at all. Largely unproven Yogananda claims about some past lives are not to be given a lot of credibility, just like hallucinations from drinking all too much beer and whisky [Kriya Yoga Art of Whisky Drinking]. (Dasgupta 2006:112)

It is wise when dealing with the fanatic or fantastic to ask for evidence to avoid being taken in and outsmarted from there on by steps and degrees.

There are many sorts of regressions and calculations, but where calls for humility smell of demands for conformity, those involved may not progress very much. Sincerity can work well outside such enclaves, however, depending on where you are and those you are with, and so on.

In the next bunch of chapters these themes cover much ground, as former SRF monastics and Yogananda followers alike try to get a grip on life, stop crying at night and move on.


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