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Beautiful Love and Other Stories


Beautiful Love and Other Stories

Beautiful Love

A clergyman told an Indian he should love his enemies.

"I do," said the latter, "for I love rum and cider." (Scissors and Paste 1881:65; also in Fuller)

Sacred Truths as Jests

A rabbi who was the son of a much famous rabbi, had many ardent followers. On every Sabbath he did not expound the law of Moses or the Torah in the midst of followers, but cracked jokes, and diverted them with merry tales. Everybody, even the greybeards, laughed heartily.

A visitor got surprised. "How can a holy teacher and his followers behave in such an outrageous way? Celebrating the Saturday with nonsense, funny stories and jest! Rabbi, be ashamed: read the Torah!"

"Torah," exclaimed the rabbi. "What do you suppose I have been expounding here? Sacred truth is found in all stories and jests!" (Ausubel 1948:264, retold).

The Responses

Someone who was about to get married, wanted to make his responses during the marriage service perfect. However, by mistake he poured over what to respond during the ceremony of adult baptism, so when the clergyman asked him in the church, "Will you have this woman to be your wedded wife?" the bridegroom answered solemnly, "I renounce them all."

The astonished minister said, "I think you are a fool!"

He replied, "All this I steadfastly believe." (Evans 1859:65)

Love for a Book

The US novelist James Carroll (1943-) once told how he was honoured with a special tour of the Little, Brown warehouse in Boston after his novel Mortal Friends had been published in 1978. His host and tour guide, a company executive, showed him the assembly line along which workers wrapped, boxed, and mailed off books to wholesalers and bookstores.

At one point the executive introduced Carroll to one of the workers who said, "Mr. Carroll, we all just love your book."

He took it as a great compliment. To think that the workers had actually read his book!

But then she went on. "We just love it. It's the perfect size for packing." (Fadiman 1985:411)

Married Love

A dying tailor said to his wife, who was plunged in tears, "My dear, don't let my death afflict you too much. I would recommend you to marry Thomas, our foreman. He is a good lad and a clever workman, and would assist you to carry on the trade."

"My love," answered his wife, "don't be worried about all that, for Tom and I have settled the matter already." (Evans 1959:95, retold)

Tombstone Wisdom

I had a hunch something like this would happen. [Fontaine Fox]

On the whole I'd rather be in Philadelphia. [W. C. Fields]

(Reader's Digest 1967:321)

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