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Cayce Remedies

About 9,600 Cayce health readings still exist. At such sessions, Cayce would diagnose a person and prescribe a cure. The sleeping Cayce needed to be told in what city or state the person was if the person asked of something by letter.

Cayce's medical readings prescribe such as poultices (often of castor oil), massage (often with peanut oil) prayer, folk remedies, various forms of electric medicine and patent medicines (such as Atomidine), and specific recommendations concerning diet and exercise. Further, Cayce is often seen as a practitioner of holistic medicine, and has particularly strong philosophical ties with naturopathy, summarises Astoria Brown, Msc.D.

Cayce could prescribe simples remedies for common ailments. Cayce herbal remedies can be used for home health - either bought or prepared at home, as the case may be. Some of the ingredients can be grown in a garden.

Cayce often prescribed the same remedy for the same ailments, though. Although one and the same remedy may or may not fit one and all, bear in mind his readings were aimed at individual cases too. With that in mind one may try to get to grips with the health readings of Cayce. They are many.

For Increasing the Breast Size


(Question:) What explanation for right breast being larger than left, and how remedy?

(A sleeping Cayce:) This is a nominal condition that exists in most individuals. If there is the desire for increasing the lesser, massage the lower portion with Cocoa Butter. . . Do this each evening.

COMMENT: If you would try it for an undersize breast, know most people have one breast larger than the other - it is perfectly normal. Anyhow, cocoa butter is quite cheap, and available through such as

[DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION: Massage into skin all that the body will absorb. For how long? About a month or six may slowly reveal something. If the cocoa butter massage is kept up further, will a breast grow bigger and bigger? That can be tried out as well. If you try it out on yourself or others near to you, it may be called clinical testing or self-testing or checking. The last term is the least pretentious. And if a breast grows bigger, will it remain big, or will it need cocoa butter to keep it big, and will it shrink or not if the massage stops after - say - three weeks? May I quote a researcher friend, "Max": "Who knows?"

That is the question. And this sort of research may easily be done, and can be great fun too. But it does not have to stop there. Will it work on men? Good research and time may show.

CAUTION: There is a general reservation that goes with this and other pages. A link is on top of the page. And yet, with such a harmless, natural thing as cocoa butter at an affordable price, one does not have to wait for researchers with measuring tapes, all that is needed is to apply the butter to the smaller breast and compare as unbiased as one can get, after a month, or two, or three or four and more. There should be no harm in that; none at all. "Try it and see (measure for yourself)," is a fit approach.


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