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Various statements by the phenomenal "sleeper-talker" Edgar Cayce remind us that our natural state is one marked by wholeness and health a long way. An innate wisdom within ourselves should know what's needed for healing. And we should expect to get well, and also be willing to do our part to make it possible. Lots may be summed up like this: Our part is in part to pay the price of getting cured, as seems fit. [◦Link]

Great use of the spiritual forces for one's own self-indulgences and self-aggrandisement can work harm - not only to others but oneself inside. It turns out later. [Lessons from Cayce - reading 1599-1]

Some Words

Edgar Cayce was born on a farm near Hopkinsville, Kentucky and was able to master his school lessons by sleeping on his books.

When doctors later were unable to find a cause for his aggravating health condition, he entered the same sound sleep and got the solution. He turned out to be able to recommend cures for himself and lots of other while soundly asleep - he talked out of the depths inside, so to speak. He learnt to excel in that.

What he said in sound sleep was implemented. Therefore, for most of his adult life, Edgar Cayce was in part able to sleep his way on and up, not too unlike sturdy cats. He was also a Sunday School teacher.

From the vaults or depths of slumber, Edgar Cayce at times posed this question to an ill person: "What would you do with your life if you were healed?"

For many years Cayce "sleep-talked" or trance-talked mainly on medical issues, but he would eventually give over 14,000 readings on more than 10,000 different topics to people the world over.

Seeing is believing. Transcripts of his sleep readings have provided the basis for over 300 popular books about Cayce's work. The readings are available to students, researchers, A.R.E. members. [◦Link]

Further Words

What is consistently jolly good, is not to go overboard for the sake of contacts and connections in a life. This focus aids one in discovering life's purposes - as tied in with lots of consistent, genuine interests.

Many limits are needed to give the life the purposes. And mood alliances suggest many severe limitations.


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