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Consider for a while: "The chimp has no astrology, but the Hebrews got the Kabbalah."

Yogananda, sent to the West

Now in the first chapter of the influential Autobiography of a Yogi, the guru Paramahansa Yogananda writes that he was born in Gorakhpur in India on January 5, 1893, a Thursday. Gorakhpur has the map co-ordinates 83°22 (east) and 26°45 (north). And according to US astrologer Richard Nolle he was born at 8:38 p.m.

US astrologer, Martin Schulman, has discussed Yoganandan's chart in a book on moon's nodes, and finds that he had to overturn standard interpretations of the horoscope to end up on a positive note. If not, Yogananda's birth chart would be negative. Well, would you know! [Kar]

"No more illusions. I won't have it!" - Yogananda, crying in a trance
Somewhat like the dolphin Flipper, the guru loved to swim and maintain remain for long without breathing in his own lake in the Pacific Palisades in Calfornia. Some of us have heard stories on how he loved to lie and float in the water for hours in yoga trance, and the over-arching impression of a friendly Flipper is nearly there.

The guru taught so-called dying - named kriya yoga, in short. Soon he learnt to focus on other effects of it.

Nuns of his hybrid monastic order strove to remain positive toward their guru. So one night, when the late president Daya Mata (1914-2010) was thrown out of the cloister, she didn't just leave. Instead she stood weeping outside the gates until daybreak. Then she was let in again.

Another time the guru thought to cheer her up, and arranged so that a bucketful of water was poured over her head, all of a sudden, from the storey over her, when he called her through the window and she put her head out to see what the matter was. She remained, attuned to his mothering approach, his skilled and great achievements: He often wept among the disciples and insisted his performance was just a dream - or perhaps some advanced, staged role-playing. At times the world seemed utterly illusory to him, at times he said he himself was the Divine Mother - and Daya Mata wrote down such utterances and lots of others, and had them published in his name.


The Indian guru of Yogananda, Yukteswar, was an astrologer yogi, born on May 10, 1856 in Serampore, India, says his follower Yogananda in his autobiography.

A secret wind is said to blow intelligence through the mind and can open up for some jivanmukta living: "blowing in the wind". "Wind" with the Aztec, Mayan, or Toltec Indians could also mean a "super-rational, para-rational wind, life force. Compare the concept of prana in the main Upanishads. [Si]

Shyama Charan Lahiri

He was born in Bengal, 30 September 1828, says the autobiography of Yogananda A true gentleman: His is not any nightly, desperately grim and disfigured grimace - he is jolly for most part.

Under "that true gentleman's spell" a man should endeavour to get sharper and better. And the holder of a knife could mount up to become a good business partner of a sort.

And now for something else

Those who master it, can enjoy great riches and wealth.

One thing is the hidden influence, another is what is made out of it or on top of it.

To be born with a mind bent on murder could come close to being born under a dubious star, to say the least.

A mixed bag of courage and deceit, the power to overthrow enemies and yet harbour feelings of guilt and penance goes a long way toward a mess.

Harsh words spoken in anger to a worrier over trivial matters may well cause great pain and won't easily be neglected and forgotten. Expect that.

How to rise to be a person of religious principles? Do your work well.

Speaking of influences - strength and proficiency could be what it takes to master and ride an unruly horse - strength and proficiency can make a difference.

Significant suffering may be specked with so-called inspirations.

Some kriya yogis 
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