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Flower There is much to ponder in this world.

There is plenty in contemporary astrology that seems dubious. In doubt and unless you are sure-footed, think about dropping the hazardious terrain before you get hurt. Go for quitting a dubious study for the sake of professionalism. Second, try to link up well to astrology's fairly winning parts if you find any, for example what appears consistently true to fact. There is no need to apologise for that. Physicists are fond of that kind of look-out.

There can be many approaches. Not every bishop in the world needs to be a small man.

Intrinsically rewarding teachings could enlarge our fields of vision and help us get it better too, if they are treated sensibly. [More]

We should not confuse the symbol system with the reality, a symbol with what is called the real thing.

Yogic lore, as that of Yogananda, holds that man carries a complete zodiac within himself, while leaving out the thirteenth constellation (and sign), Ophiuchus. How tidy is that? And just how is such a zodoac transported by man? Good questions matter.

One estimate has it that one quarter of the people of the globe take some form of belief in astrology some way or other. [See Aeb]

Astrology needs to be inspected very well before anything vital in it is dismissed for the right and good reasons. Common prejudice is not a good enough reason.

To the shallow, all may look shallow.

Many seek to align astrological signs to the twenty-two trump pictures of the Tarot - to twenty-two cards of a medieval card system, originally playing card. Some number and arrange the cards of the major arcana differently. Dr. Sigurd Agrell's numbering looks better than others to me.

Some forms of advanced guessing may be good for some facets of man's inner deeps, and heuristics has evolved for that reason.

The Swiss Dr. Carl Gustav Jung said astrology was useful to him. However, Hans Eysenck, professor at the University of London, was unable to confirm any of the central astrology teachings, and that is worth marking well, over and above the credo of Jung. [Link].

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