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The Fjord Horse

If only -

Lessons from horses

If you can start the day without caffeine and get going without pep pills,
always cheerful, ignoring aches and pains,
you're as good as a horse.

The horse seldom divulges many troubles to complaining and boring people,
he eats the same food every day,
grateful for it,
He overlooks it if something goes wrong through no fault of yours,

Yes, if you face the world without lies and deceit,
relaxing well without medical help, without hard drink,
able to sleep without any debilitating aid of drugs,
Free from prejudice against another man's laughter,
You're somehow good as a horse -
I hope you are better.

The poem is rooted in Rudyard Kipling's poem "If" among other things

Out of the confusion

Horse-back riding has been proven effective with people of very many types: Victims of accidents and war, stressed professionals interested in improving their teamwork and others.

We can operate on other levels apart from those of survival. Although human beings may ride on horses and feel elated by it, a bad fall may change that elation markedly.

Kindness to animals is not much different from kindness in the main. Some parts of humans are instinct-driven and come rather naturally, yet a large part depends on learning. Animals are taught "at home", by their mother and perhaps father too, depending on the species. Horses in the wild have a stallion and a chosen mare, and other mares who compete for ranks. Foals are brought up in such horse-fit settings in the wild.

As for human children, all are individuals, and hence different, even though some are more different than others. There is room for both heart-warming tales and such as Carl Rogers' warm-hearted method of counselling. It is client-centred. The method is also called to get into the "organismic feel" and derive benefit from it. (Rogers 1961; 1971; Kirschenbaum and Henderson 1989)


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