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Animals for Unstressing

In old fairy tales people may be turned into animals, and animals may become people, if some hard-boiled curse is lifted. Such tales are old. The crew of the Greek hero Ulysses were bewitched and turned into pigs, Circe's herd. Circe set twenty-two men

on benches and seats and mixed them a mess with cheese, honey, meal, and Pramnian wine, but she drugged it with wicked poisons to make them forget their homes, and when they had drunk she turned them into pigs by a stroke of her wand, and shut them up in her pig-styes. They were like pigs – head, hair, and all, and they grunted just as pigs do; but their senses were the same as before, and they remembered everything.

Thus then were they shut up squealing, and Circe threw them some acorns and beech masts such as pigs eat.

"In drinking a lot lies a danger." Sometimes an unexpected one too. Even so, doctors Sigmund Freud and Carl G. Jung treated old Greek tales as more or less symbolic, as figurative tales. That drunk people become (like) swine - is that the key suggestion that the tale brings? Maybe so. Yet some people keep pigs as pets. Maybe it is for pleasure.

Here is more:

Animals taken to reflect aspects of our human libido

Employees in large numbers are handled harshly, like crews, they too. Many also drive themselves into stress, neuroses, diseases and a too early death, striving for a good hand in the so-called rat race. Maybe there are biological limits to what the little pony (life energy) in man and woman may endure and survive in the long run. Illness results if the natural zest (libido, id) is harshly handled and gets insane, or unwell. The fact is that stress causes psychosomatic diseases in large numbers.

Medical doctors estimates that something between 40 and 90 percent of all main physical diseases are directly related to stress, emotional stress, and that stress can kill as well. Medical researchers see a direct link between diseases and stress. Insomnia, ulcers, cancers, headaches, migraine headaches, muscle tension, heart-attacks, rheumatoid arthritis, and many other illnesses and diseases are directly or indirectly related to stress.

Handling your inner little horse (life energy) well, may help. ◦Transcendental Meditation, TM, may resolve stress-related diseases. There is good research on it. So perhaps the best idea is not to get a horse that stresses mom and dad, but help them to relax and treat their inner horses with much more care.

The inner horse serves as a figurative term for libido, zest in living, enjoyment of life, or prana.


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