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Shooing Divine Mother:
Maturity, Biology, and Yogananda


Maturity and Adequate Freedom Band Together

Egyptian papyrus which describes therapy of migraine by bandaging a clay crocodile with herbs stuffed into its mouth to the head of the patient.
Egyptian therapy: a clay crocodile bandaged to the head of the patient.


There was a Indian guru who taught the world is ureal, and all pain in it too. That did not hinder him for crying out loud in pain from time to time.

The monk Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952) founded Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) in late 1920, when he had come to the United States as a delegate to an International Congress of Religious Liberals, held in Boston. The first few years he stayed in a Boston hotel, in a single room without bath. SRF's present headquarters is on Mount Washington, a former hotel estate on a hilltop in Los Angeles. Yogananda bought it with money he could get or borrow in late 1925. SRF was incorporated in the State of California as a church in 1935.

Yogananda lectured and preached to Americans for about thirty years, and he dictated works intensively toward the end of his life. Plenty of his output is published by SRF, which is run by a hybrid Hindu-"Christian" monastic order he formed. The order is a Hindu deal with some modifications. SRF keeps spreading the yoga guru's message the world over, and informs there are centres and meditation groups in over fifty countries. And that does not imply all the groups and centres are big one. I know; I helped in starting one of them.

Around 2000 one third of the monastics left the SRF premises, and some of them were disgruntled. A band of them formed and took part in a discussion board from that time. Its 28,265 total posts reflect shattered hopes and dreams, up-to-cultish beliefs and narcissism also, it appears. Some had therapy, they wrote. Such guru fruits do not indicate that the holistic health of the individual members were fostered or mattered for many years. The board was intact until 2011. Then it folded in. Postings until 2006 are on-line today, as a backup-page.

Anyway, cult issues and cult ways can be hard to penetrate for outsiders. Some guru outvertures may be hushed down for the sake of a glorified image of the one with wisdom without fail and the like. By way of example, Yogananda decreed in 1934 that some "Socialism . . . will prevail in the end", but the vast majority of his followers do not excel in that, or in hailing dictatorship à la Yogananda: [Yogananda hailed dictatorship]

In fact, his appreciative remarks on Mussolini and Hitler and call for dictatorship is nothing they front in his fellowship today, and the evidence from the 1930s that he really did talk for such persons and orientations, speaks volumes - but is not among the cherished guru guidelines that the society openly tells are without flaw either. So in an old SRF magazine from years before Watergate, and lying around in an SRF building in Encinitas, Richard Nixon on a visit to the SRF headquarters was on the front cover. It all goes to suggest say that SRF for many decades has been fronting more conservative and authoritarian values than socialism . . . And since the magazine where the dictatorship hailing of Yogananda seems awfully hard to find these days, I bring gist from it. Do not get messed up by big talk and God-verbiage all the time; instead consider "What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid." [Wikipedia, s.v. "What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid"] [Yogananda siding with dictatorship in his own magazine]

And even though Americans are afraid of socialism as Communism with a democratic face, in the Old World socialism has worked quite well as long a it has been held in democratic check. A positive angling is a gladdening angling. It should be very clearly expressed.

Healthy Teachings and Happy Followers

Golden egg
Getting a good thought is like hatching a gold egg.
Individual moral should be protected and helped on one's journey through life. Peck and Havighurst's theories about moral development are well-known, and even better known lately are the theories of Lawrence Kohlberg.

Humans and animals unfold from inside unless powerful others prevail over them, stilt them and trap them and use them for other purposes than the inborn ones.

Try and let men become their selves as best they can. There are some ways out of possible guru snares, but not every cult trapped member finds honourable ways out. It is not liked by cult members that things like these are leaked out. [Compare Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, 1.4.10]

Self-realization can unfold naturally and in a healthy fashion, but there may be dangers and traps also on deeper levels of mind and existence. For example, the guru Yogananda learnt to "talk big" in the United States, and adapt his teachings to listeners. He became a famous orator in his days. And then it shows up that the later Yogananda contradicted the earlier Yogananda on key issues for those who came to SRF to get methods and counsel to help maturing and developing. Some have got awfull disappointed, and among them some have resorted to therapy too. Most likely, limited ideas and soap teachings trap some where such things abound.

Most people distort without help of a guru according to whims and desires that get the best of their time. Sectarians may have fallen into the grip of thwarting clutches.

Genuine interests are of id (libido), and if followed up, they bring about a personality, says Gordon Allport.

The Self alone is to be meditated upon, for in It all these become unified . . ." -- [Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. 1.4.7.

The Knowledge of this Self is the means to . . . unity is Brahman. [Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 2.5.9.

None should try to destroy one's ego; for that personality instance is a part of your Selfhood and a tract into It. And normal id (libido, zest) is of the inner Self too, just as egohood is.

Unify your own, main endeavours while you have enough control and space for doing it; that could pay, even nicely.

Religious beliefs that cultists people find agreeable and comfortable, could serve fetish uses to many of them.

Those who adapt to bossy leaders are in for being herded. There are definite dangers of waiving human rights in Cult Country.

Humans unfold interests and thought from id developments, and possibly neurotic, maladaptations of id in the second place if things go wrong. Sensitive periods are discussed by Erik H. Erikson. There lies much id-help in his epigenetic scheme.

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