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Seek to Develop in the Deep Mind's Spring

Those who assist others, try to draw on resources that eventually give help. Talking or writing figuratively - by suggestions - is one such source. It may assist growth in springtime, that is, give indications that help learning and development in the spring of childhood and youth.

In some teachings the sea is a metaphor for the Deep Mind, or Ocean of Consciousness. So when the surface of the sentences talk of seas and seafarers, maybe the deep meaning intended is about self-development in the hidden sea, the Deep Mind. Many yoga teachings are about that.

Further Words

Many Emerson quotations about self-confidence are hard to live up to. Maybe you should not try, but study the reservations battery first, and draw on some aligned, stepwise programs as well.

At any rate, measure your strengths and what the tasks require in a worst case scenario, as a help to stay on the safe side. And study so as to know what resources to draw on as you go ahead. One step at a time is often considered a safe procedure for it. And yet there are other ways too, more synergetic ones.

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