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Self-Care and Humour. Essay
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Unrest first, troubles later?

Good thinking

"Bad men leave their mark wherever they go (American)." Your own heart may become the target and victim of the malice of others. Your heart may get scarred through it. But "For every evil under the sun there's a remedy or there's none. (American)"

LoObserve tact or rules of well-being first

Unrest, troubles and diseases suggest compressed adaptation troubles. Stay out of trouble and get out of trouble as soon as can be. Unrest of spirit may be the first thing you notice of something unwelcome. Next restless nerves (mind); then various "knots" instead of being tender and fond of children and yourself, perhaps, and who knows what will be next.

By attuning to yourself and by its very delicate, existential self-care you may develop bodily health and well-being, become less offensive, and communicate for your own good. And go for building health reserves too. You can rank your life commitments and your progress in such matters. You can build on basic things after things seem secure enough, and "the child who means business learns to walk", finally.

Instead of strangling anotherís higher nature, or the higher nature of yourself, communicate safely at its best. And go for solid objectives that last longer than flimsical ones. You who care for your family, what exactly do you care for, and what do you communicate? Is it solely servile conformity that endangers health and well-being? Isn't there anything better to go for? Think about it.

Ardent self-care doesn't have to be plainly defensive. To get able to handle things, learn to compress or sum up. The essence is: lay bare the best cores and key sentences, fit them into a structure that is not bad for yourself, and rise into surveying that - in part by a symbol, if you find one. Tony Buzan's mind mapping does it in its own way, by way of example.

Nightly dreams often crown our experiences with vivid, baffling sceneries. Some may be fit as symbols too. You may learn to tune in to them and their variegated reports or messages and learn ways to crack possible dream codes involved. It is helped by training. Nightly dreams are often bodily feed-backs, or reflect the preceding day.

LoDon't get whipped - your heart may be

Find fit allies on your own. Life is very often compressed into that too, in some of its important aspects.

Try to enrich your character through step-by-step progress. For better results, all in all, see if there is anything you can do with the roots of your problems. It could be a non-healthy life-style, a not healthy enough adaptation, and much else. Real progress doesn't maim your higher sense of fair play, doesn't go roughshod over innocent ones, and may leave a way out for opponents after some time. Justice is not abstract; it has to do with hearts too. Character may be improved and enriched too. Enrich yourself to provide sound nourishments of many sorts and levels and care for your own family.

Lo"Control your destiny or somebody else will do it." (Jack Welch, formerly of GE)

Go for living in and preferably having a decent building which is good for one's own control. As for indoor climate, "It's better to have bad breath than no breath at all (American)." ✪ 


In sum
  1. Observe the 'laws and rules' of well-being first.
  2. Don't get whipped into something like sour cream inside.
  3. Get the support you need to "control your destiny" somewhat better. I bet there are not a few options at hand.

In nuce

Since well-being and a good life can be whipped out of you in more than one way, stay on the sane and safe side as much or as long as you can. You are free to use honorable, well-timed scheming for augmenting your necessary control.

Common citizens were helped

Anec. Theodore Roosevelt was the sickly boy who became the 26th president of the United States (1901-09).

Roosevelt grew up to become a tough and self-sufficient man. He worked as a rancher and fought in the Spanish-American War (1898). As president, he centred his domestic policies on his Square Deal program to improve the lot of common citizens. His foreign policy was somewhat different: "Speak softly and carry a big stick."

Some of Roosevelt's critics complained of his tendency to introduce moral issues in matters where none existed. Speaker of the House Thomas B. Reed once told him, "If there is one thing more than another for which I admire you, Theodore, it is your original discovery of the Ten Commandments."

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