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Yogananda Wanting to Recruit Many Others

How many of the world's million are healthy? Only 5%. [Yogananda, in "World Appeal for Recruiting a Spiritual Army", East West]

We must have Spiritual Military Schools for all-round human training . . . in every city of the globe. [Yogananda, in "World Appeal for Recruiting a Spiritual Army", East West]

Bathe your body in the bacteria-killing sunshine every day. Now that winter and its healthful outdoor sports are here, take time to go skating, skiing and walking. Breathe the fresh, crisp, invigorating air of winter. By these means, methods of physical and mental healing will be unnecessary. [Yogananda, "Health Recipe", in his magazine East West 2-1 November - December 1926.]


Yogananda also said there is a Divine Mother. Less than one percent of Americans do not believe that God is a She, according to recent polls. That leads us to Yogananda's Crying like crazy for Divine Mother, perhaps.

Yogananda Every year, on the day before Christmas, the disciples would gather with Yogananda at the headquarters for meditation. The session would usually last all day and into the evening hours. During the Christmas meditation in 1948 the Divine Mother appeared to Yogananda, and the awed disciples heard him speaking to Her. Many times he exclaimed, with a deep sigh: "Oh, you are so beautiful!"

Suddenly he cried: "Don't go! You say the subconscious material desires of these people are driving You away? Oh, come back! Come back!" [Yogananda during a Christmas meditation at the SRF headquarters in 1948. In Yogananda 1980:74-75. Retold]

How embarrasing" It is told She appeared and showed that she did not feel comfortable with being near Yogananda's close allies. It happened to many of Yogananda's close disciples at that time. If such a thing should happen to you, are you able to cope with getting disheartened after many years on begging instead of developing yourself in proper meditation, for example? [Compare].

Not all "Yogananda things" necessarily involve menial self-torture, but how can you be sure? Better mind one's own fair business - tend to that, rather, and be selective when it comes to gurus to put your dear faith in. For once given, it may not be given back, and there are many other faith dangers in the world too.

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Yogananda, Paramahansa. Sayings of Paramahansa Yogananda. 4th ed. Los Angeles: Self-Realization Fellowship, 1980.

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