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My Atlantis
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My Atlantis

Seemingly senseless claims may at times prove true, but fairly often not. It is wise to take that point into account and ask for good evidence to save oneself much untoward in time. All do not heed such counsel, though.

Putting it straight. "Twin fools: one doubts nothing, the other, everything (American proverb)." In between those poles apart is room for much that may be all right, such as studies and explorations. To find out what works, there are (1) first-hand experiences of various sorts; (2) experiences told of by others (anecdotal evidence, which is a weak sort of evidence); and (3) statistical sortings of data derived from research.

Where was Plato's Atlantis? "In Plato's mind," is the obvious answer.

Was it only there? Who can tell and prove it well? (See Atlantic Ocean findings)

What we may learn depends on our capacity. Compare the Asian poem The Journey Abroad:

Home he returned
after seeing
all he could understand.

(A rendition)

If we leave fanciful speculations aside and considers that Plato writes there were a great number of elephants on the island, we may feel bold enough to rule out Antarctica - at least preliminarily -, but not so easily Cyprus: The dwarf elephant once existed on Cyprus and some other Mediterranean island:

The Cyprus dwarf elephant (Palaeoloxodon cypriotes) is an extinct species of elephant related to the living Asian elephant. . . . It is thought the Cyprus dwarf elephant came during the last Ice Age. They were only about 1 meter tall. . . . Extinction for the Cyprus dwarf elephant came around 11,000 BC. . . .

Its estimated body weight was only some 200 kilogrammes.

Finds of whole or partial skeletons of this elephant are very rare. [◦Cyprus dwarf elephant]

Dwarf elephant bones on Cyprus do not prove a thing about Atlantis, though. Nor do ancient and newer speculation and tales - (WP, "Atlantis")

The current relevance of Atlantis stories

Some talk of Atlantic temple practices. Sound temple practices are fit for life if you can find them.

Some talk of use of crystals. Crystals may be bought and even found in some places. Fine crystals - polished and others - may be bought and arranged and put into vases and the like to brighten our everydays.

Experts differ among themselves and try not to speak a lot from what they personally believe, not all of them - at least they seek to study facts first. 

So: Practice well polished gems of understanding where you are, and you could fit in more easily. A sound education is for that.

Atlantis, Literature  

Steiner, Rudolf. Atlantis: The Fate of a Lost Land and its Secret Knowledge. Forest Row, East Sussex: Rudolf Steiner Press, 2001. ⍽▢⍽ Steiner's placement of Atlantis does not seem to fit.

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