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Lahiri Mahasaya on Panini Education

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"Yogi Panini on Education"

This book is published for the benefit of the seekers of Truth. [The Publisher, Panchanan Bhattacharya, p. 166]

The text shows that "Mind your P's and Q's (be careful of your language)" is as nothing compared to "Mind those P's and Q's or it may cost your life!" - if not "thunder falls on your head". That's what Lahiri says below. Ask yourself before you study the following: "Is terror education the thing for me?" Well, observe through the throat, then tell, is what Lahiri says. Or maybe you do it better in some other way.

Now Panini was a Sanskrit grammarian who estimatedly flourished in the 300s CE. He is known for his Sanskrit grammar and 3 959 rules of Sanskrit morphology in the grammar too.


"Yogi Panini on Education"

The qualified reader utters the letters clearly while distinctly emphasizing the words, with patience, in a rhythmical manner. [171]

One unites with the ultimate Self by reading nicely, being tranquil, having a good hand and tuning and a nice mouth which utters perfectly. By such reading, one's radiant (Dipti) character increases. [173]

If one does not read with tuning and vowels, one generates sin which destroys him. [173]

If one utters or reads Letters without being tranquil, his longevity decreases. If one reads slowly, he attracts diseases. If one reads the scripture without seeing and without understanding the meaning, thunder falls on his head. [173]

Divine Mother Saraswati [is] the Goddess of Tranquility (Sthira), and of Knowledge, Music and Rhythms. [173] (3)

Observing through the throat whichever breath is coming through the nostrils, one should express himself or tell the message. [168] (5)

There is education and education - and the best sorts are allied with zest of learning, and not fear of diseases and death for performing somewhat poorly at a time. It generally pays to stay away from terror education and fraudulent teachings.

Lahiri Mahasaya Baba sayings 
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Hw: Satyeswarananda, swami, tr. The Commentaries' Series Vol. III: Hidden Wisdom. With Lahiri Mahasay's Commentaries. 2nd rev. ed. San Diego: The Sanskrit Classics, 1986.

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