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Brightly said

There is nothing in the world more powerful than an idea except the power of another idea and another idea, and another, and so on [cf. James R. Smith]

To return empty-handed from a land rich in precious gems, is no small failure. [Tibetan]

General intelligence: "A man is not necessarily intelligent because he has plenty of ideas, any more than he is a good general because he has plenty of soldiers." [Sebastien-Roch Nicolas De Chamfort]

Go well against a Reduced Life Quality

Wonderful things in life include flowers, the song of birds, humming of bees, long-lasting joys of friendship and of clean living itself. To preserve the good things you own, let others give you back-up. Also, if you live well, try sound discretion. These things often count.

On the other hand, a lovely flower that's exposed, may have its petals ripped off one by one by uncaring guys, or it may be put in a nice vase, "singing" till it's dead.

Accordingly, don't go for exposing your dear assets, your love-life tact, and other things from your good life sillily; the good things may start to dwindle through much exposure. Celebrities in dark glasses are on the way to find out such things. Well, some appear to find out a little too late to benefit as they could. All the same, the best advantages are solid ones and not easily sucked away by being publicly exposed.

Above I have sought to speak for sound discretion, a tact that others don't wear down, and really solid, good assets to help a life or family a long way.

For urban youngsters, many things need to be redefined, or much very good "global input out there" is reduced to ashes.


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