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Yogananda Quotations

Yogananda quotes and stories - TEXT Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952) established himself in the United States between 1920 and 1952, and got a large following. Here is a part of what he taught in lectures and sermons, as collected in his book Man's Eternal Quest (2nd ed. 1982), which is published by his fellowship. Added comments contain many assessments. Overreaching oneself is a danger for guys who trust in grandiloquence. However, "Big words don't fatten the cabbage."


LoOvercome limitations and live also

A scientist must busy himself with going through several experiments in order to arrive at one fact. But the spiritually developed man is able to perceive the fact without going through a physical process. [Yogananda, 242]

The seeming state of wakefulness of the ordinary man is perceived by a sage to be, in reality, a state of delusive sleep. [Yogananda, 258]

Beat life! If you have a strong will you can overcome all difficulties. [Yogananda, 419. ᴥ All against one another defies the idea.]

Don't waste your time on cheap writings. [Yogananda, 400. ᴥ Quality at a cheap price, is that all right?]

I don't lose my ordinary awareness . . . deep in the superconscious state. [Yogananda, 161]

I don't pray. That may seem a strange thing to say. [Yogananda, 121 ᴥ - considering he wrote a book on answered prayers, Whispers from Eternity - maybe . . .]

Personality and its development are generally considered only in the light of realizing some material goal, such as increasing one's business or social opportunities. The real nature of personality is rarely analyzed. [Yogananda, 149]

Your laughter must echo from the cave of sincerity. Your joy must flow from the fountain of realized soul. [Yogananda, 326. ᴥ "Must - must" - There are many Yogananda musts to deal with in the fellowship he one day came to ◦regret having started.]

As I am engaged in talking . . . I live in His joy . . . This declaration is not a fairy tale. [Yogananda, 432]

Everything I have tried to do with will power has worked. [Yogananda, 187. ᴥ Actually, no. Some projects he put his will into, for example a printing adventure, failed anyway - and a kindergarten atop Mt. Washington in Los Angeles etc. It shows up in some of the old SRF magazines. "Don't be taken in by everything an orator bellows", is a fine piece of advice.]

Human love has its limitations. [Yogananda, 330 ᴥ Old, old age too.]

Plain living and high thinking make for contentment. [Yogananda, 388. ᴥ It depends on getting good needs fulfilled. There are many of them, as Abraham Maslow's pyramid of needs suggests. Contentment in life also depends on what you are called to.]

We should never neglect teachers, for they are soul molders. [Yogananda, 351. ᴥ Not all of them, for sure, and many are not moulding in a good way either.]

Begin to discover that you can live without food. [Yogananda, 102. ᴥ "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." Ask for good documentation that it is feasible to live without food, before you try something rash and ill-founded instead of keeping on thriving without jeopardising your sanity.]

When you go to a dance or a party your mind is often restless, nervous, and excited. [Yogananda, 79. ᴥ It depends. "Speak for yourself" may come in handy where people are different.] (2)

LoAs you get older, life may turn into a wondrous adventure since "long, long ago"

We can see life as a wonderful adventure when the Lord finally says, ". . . Nothing can harm you." [73]

As you get older, it is best not to tell others your age . . . Keep your age private. [Yogananda, 94-95. ᴥ The actor Dennis Weaver (1924–2006), a follower of Yogananda for decades, tried not to tell his age in public, to the effect that journalists made stories about him, digging up his age also. The ironic twist of it!]

LoDiscretion is good, and well chosen dairy products are good too.

Consider the hard work of the president of the United States . . . We have to marvel that it is possible for a man to understand so much and undertake so much. [Yogananda, 204. ᴥ Do we, now?] (5)

Strive for a personality that is derived from your living in the continuous consciousness of God. [154. ᴥ Not striving for a personality works also, provided we follow up on native, strong interests. See Gordon Allport's good Becoming (1955). At any rate, marring striving is not good enough.]

Above all, be humble. [Yogananda, 142. ᴥ Be yourself frankly, rather. Much socially acceptable "humbleness" is based on some opportune calculations of what may pay.]

Don't fall asleep at night . . . Peer into that darkness. [Yogananda, Humorously 169] 

Biting the nails is another foolish, useless habit. [Yogananda, 417. ᴥ So is delivering lots of imposing, importune sermons.]

Many souls that formerly were born in America have since reincarnated in India . . . to help India in the development of the material side of her civilization. [Yogananda, 223-24. ᴥ That claim has not been verified by science.]

The world has a habit of much teaching and little practicing. [Yogananda, 165. ᴥ It depends on habits.]

Jesus attained most of his perfection in his incarnation as Elisha. [Yogananda, 231. ᴥ Oh, did he? So are there any real proofs?]

You do not know how wonderful it is. It is much greater to meditate than to spend hours seeking money or human love. [Yogananda, 174. ᴥ There is not a complete either-or here. To make love as part your meditative efforts is good old tantra yoga. Better say that meditation is fit for enriching a life notably if you let it.]

You are not the physical body. [Yogananda, 265. ᴥ Take good care of it anyhow. The bet is you cannot live as usual without it.]

When you came into this world . . . everyone else rejoiced. [Yogananda, 96. ᴥ Everyone? I beg to differ. ]

Millions of people never analyze themselves. [Yogananda, 73. ᴥ It is in part a matter of training, in part a cultural outlet. (7)

Every one of us is going to die someday. [Yogananda, 106. ᴥ What about "Everyone of us is going to diet someday"? Surprisingly many do. And seriously, the guru seems to forget the "deathless avatar" he devotes a big part of his Autobiography to at this point. This means he does not mean all he says.]

Be loyal to your friends. [Yogananda, 169]

Sin is that which causes you suffering. [Yogananda, 309. ᴥ Not necessarily your sin.]

The power to perform miracles comes naturally to those who know God. [Yogananda, 295]

We should develop endurance, without being rash. [Yogananda, 338]

Never be cranky. [Yogananda, 427. ᴥ "Never this, never that": Be as you are, yet seek to avoid being tactless and rude.]

When a plant is growing in water in a glass jar, one can see that its roots are like hairs. [Yogananda, 251. ᴥ Such likeness is only superficial, as can be seen in a microscope.]

When man is sick he may feel justified in eating anything . . . flesh foods may aid in healing one illness. [Yogananda, 84. ᴥ Yogananda advocates vegetarianism, though.]

Your smile must spread . . . over the whole universe. [Yogananda, 326. ᴥ Try not to overreach.]

When you have Christ Consciousness you will feel the bodily sensations of every human being you meet, and know all the thoughts they have ever had. [Yogananda, 333. ᴥ If they charge you with hordes of massive and disturbed thoughts at the same time, it is not good to know all that, Yogananda himself has documented very well. My massive thought cascades you could fall victim to a plot.]

Every mother is a manifestation of God's unconditional love, though human mothers are imperfect. [Yogananda, 371. ᴥ He even introduced a wailing practice termed "Cry to Divine Mother and She will come." But did she come to a lot of followers, and in what ways - and were they fulfilling, you may wonder?] (8)

Greedy people fill themselves and still they are looking for more food. [Yogananda, 86. ᴥ To eat and get hungry again - do not look down on that, but find out how to fill your needs while doing little harm by it.]

Behind the subconscious is your superconscious mind, which never forgets anything. [Yogananda, 331]

Include in your daily diet milk and other dairy products. [Yogananda, 400. ᴥ - so long as you are not allergetic to them. In that case try out other sources of essential amino acids (i.e., proteins), and balance them somehow.]



  1. Seek to overcome limitations that stultify life.
  2. It could be better to refrain from hazardious adventures and ventures as old age creeps closer.
  3. Go for adequate protein sources daily - for example decent dairy products throughout life as long as you dont clog your heart and arteries as time goes by. (You may see to it by some simple additions to the dairy products. And why not try out good features of a balanced Mediterranean diet with garlic, oninons, goat's cheese, olive oil and something from such as red grape-skins, resveratrol? One may test and see the effects of such measures, or other ones. It could pay to get regular check-ups as we get older.

Some details added:

Research has shown that a good and traditional Mediterranean diet - there are several such diets - reduces the risk of heart disease. In fact, an analysis of more than 1.5 million healthy adults demonstrated that following [a well balanced Mediterranean diet - one of several such diets] - was associated with a reduced risk of death from heart disease and cancer, as well as a reduced incidence of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. - ◦Mayo Clinic Staff.

CAUTION: The staff overlooks the good use of the "superfoods" onion and garlic and the good they do, oddly enough. Compare: "It is not really an exaggeration to say that peace and happiness begin, geographically, where garlic is used in cooking." (In David 1991, Introduction) At any rate, garlic is a traditional part of many a Mediterranean meal, and onion too. (Helstosky, 2009)

ALTERNATIVES TO ALCOHOL: Avoid alcoholic wine and don't become a a drunkard. There is non-alcoholic wine around too. Or try if well-tasting resveratrol from natural sources benefits you.

I may recommend webMD's article "resveratrol supplements" and see through its many listed benefits to animals, and see if there are any side effects you should be aware of, for example its possible interactions with blood thinning medication. [◦webMD on resveratrol]

Some of the many possible health benefits of resveratrol to humans are largely unproven, but there is much research on resveratrol going on (2015) Wikipedia's "Resveratrol" article is recommended. Books like those of James Betz (2011) and Aggarwal and Shishodia (2006) may add but little to the article data.

IN NUCE - these Paramahansa Yogananda Quotations Parts of the above boil down to: Overcome bad effects of this and that and increase the benefits of this and that if you know how. It might help to be in step with balanced traditions also. And enjoy nourishing milk from cow-friendly farming - so that it is good for you in the long run too, by having a little that is good for the heart and arteries along with it throughout life as well: Olive oil and garlic, omega-3 fats from suitable sources, tomatoes, and many more sorts of vegetables and fruits. [◦"10 Foods that Keep Your Arteries Clean"]


American belief in God, miracles, Jesus as the Son, the devil and hell is declining. In 2013, 74% of US adults believed in God, whereas five years earlier 82% did so. [◦The Harris Poll #97, December 16, 2013]

The poll also shows there "continues to be no consensus as to whether God is a man or a woman. Nearly 4 in 10 Americans (39%) think He is male, while just 1% of U.S. adults believe She is a woman [Emphasis added]. However, notable minorities believe God is neither male nor female (31%) or both male and female (10%)."

Besides "Just under half of Americans believe that all or most of the Old Testament (49%) and the New Testament (48%) are the "Word of God," representing declines of six percentage points each from 2008 findings."


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