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A well lived life The aging process is slowed down in TM meditators by twelve or fifteen years in some cases, and their general health improves also. Living longer, and thriving too. [◦TM research]

A paper entitled "Patients Whose GP Knows Complementary Medicine Have Lower Costs and Live Longer" (by P. Kooreman and E. Baars, in European Journal of Health Economics 13, 6, (2012) p. 769-776) concludes there are "significantly lower mortality rates" among Dutch patients with General Physicians who know Complementary Medicine [acupuncture, anthroposophic treatments and homeopathy]: their substantially lower health care costs and lower mortality rates - fewer hospital stays, fewer prescription drugs, lower costs and longer lives - are unlikely to be related to differences in socio-economic status. [Article] These findings of healthy aging with less chronic disease may be promising, but reservations crop up anyway, due to the quite small data base. [Comment (PDF)]


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