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Returning to your path, what is generally fruitful is to go home.

Travelling companions stay with us only for a while.

Travel and rest go together, for it seldom helps to lose all connection with the Reality within, and rest should seek to establish just that.

In Brief on Reducing Tensions

Physical ailments can bring on many ugly diseases through "psychosomatic channels" they're geared to, if they go unchecked. [Carolyn Smith et al 2003:505]

Sinister conditions may call for good laughs if they assist survival and could help against great intensity in the wrong way - in other words, laughs can reduce tensions and alleviate stress somewhat, to the end of reducing diseases and favour that we may live longer. There is research which documents it. [More]

A good laugh can assist thinking, but to laugh out loud for long alone may not help you to solve underlying problems.

The good and dear thing is to get maximum benefit from both laughs and able work.

Buddhism is for eliminating unneeded stress and pain sensibly.

Further Words

So firm was the hold which the ethnic gods of Ireland had taken upon the imagination and spiritual sensibilities of our ancestors that even the monks and christianized bards never thought of denying them. They doubtless forbade the people to worship them, but to root out the belief in their existence was so impossible that they could not even dispossess their own minds of the conviction that the gods were real supernatural beings. [Standish O'Grady]


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Smith, Carolyn D., ed, et al. Hilgard's Introduction to Psychology. 14th ed. Belmont: Thomson Wadsworth, 2003.

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