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Quips and Some Thought ❀ 4.3
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Fallacies of Dogmatics

Who perceives the essence of things should have a clearer view than most others, even if it goes unnoticed, and perhaps some of his utterances look bizarre and odd, if he or she so chooses.

Somebody who is aware of nature spirits and normally unseen spiritual energies or entities may either hint at it or visualise such phenomena and express himself or herself more or less boldly-figuratively and well Through bold cognitive efforts or mentions and art, such features and traits can be portrayed and later idealised. Classic Greek culture was derived from it, and much in Roman culture too. Artistic or culture-forming efforts made way for ritual worship of symbols and items. That may be a result of the fallacies of simple and foolish minds together.

Others waste time on soap operas and reruns that swarm the market.

To idealise unworthy ones may ensnare, and a very creative, well attuned mind may do so too - but it depends. ◊

Wherever one is it may be needed to gauge the true features of a situation - those of an idealised situation too.  7.1.

Mere outlooks

You may find it very profitable to go for enlarging your boundaries somehow, some way or other.

Internet matters are hardly substantial enough at the end of the day, which is not yet.

Some of the symbols around pass as rather significant ones. Yet, stay substantial enough to make it; living on earth is favoured by that approach.

Where religious ideals are found to be dominating people are made to look too much "up in the air" where the smoke of faith is found. On top of what you perceive, move onward if you can. ◊

Some sinister ones advocate suffering or sacrifices as needed for salvation - just as they see it fit. That is far from saying that the keys to heaven were to be given freely to all and sundry.

Superficial adjustments make for conformity, which carries its dangers in the Jungian light that explores higher sides of man, and in a Maslowian sense too [Cf. Maslow 1973, etc.]. ◊

Floundered persons may get ensnared by illusions, cramped hanky-pankies and nervous-looking isolation. So choose fit and substantial companions "to be conform with" very well at the start. [True friends and Buddha

Value in preparing ahead

Think of summer in winter, ahead of time. Some do, and get cheaper vacations, for one thing. Preparing ahead may or may not give advantages. And not just winter needs to be prepared for. In gardening, preparations could be asked for for all the seasons.


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