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The Old Sea Captain's Song

Some things are natural to us, others are acquired by hard training in the right ways, such as building, keeping, and steering a boat.

Affections have to be channeled properly, and the surroundings had better be safe if the affections make you vulnerable, exuberant and unreserved in innocence.

In proper, affectionate relationships one tries to avoid overt and covert manipulation, and also the harsh and blunt need to be noticed. Tactful reserve often deals with suggestions and manifests things without bitterness.

Avoid manipulation, support inherent self-esteem through your "soul whispers" or the deeply felt things to do. What's behind the inner voice is like a dear old sea captain in need of being noticed before things go very wrong. Or maybe he tries to enable you. At any rate, tricky deals abound in the outer world.


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