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Only an inventor knows how to borrow, and every man is or should be an inventor. [Emerson]

Quite Enduring Works

Who endures, can be privileged. It could also work the other way round. And it helps to stay first-class.

The inner voice of mature conscience has to be guided by values: One value is "protection"; another is "rise above". To learn to observe or look intently is fit too.

  1. Thus, as you read one or more of these works, try to be truly and fully protected. And, interestingly, having a so-called "fiery temper" could help self-protection too, along the lines of the "fright, fight, flight" reaction that is mobilised because of sensed danger, rightly or wrongly so. Non-sinister rage is at time activated in tune with it, for the sake of protection. [Wikipedia, s.v. "Fight-or-flight response"]

  2. One has to try to rise above infiltrating demagogy, blunderbuss propagation, and bizarre outlooks which may be all too ample in sordid waters where people don't think all right. There are good books on how to. Tony Buzan has some very fine points in a book of his, called Speed Reading (1988), for example. [A page for such learning]

  3. Buzan also teaches people to study intently in very good ways. [Idea mapping]

On top of something fairly usual in life, round off by tenable, solid conclusions for your next kin to learn by. Many proverbs or opinions seem to have such a basis. However, if the "ground" of learning and experiences is not firm, don't make up your mind very firmly, but maintain some reserve - or maybe an open-ended, tentative approach is fit.

If there are reasons to be undecided or usure of something, keep conclusions about it hovering, in suspense. That is a fair way of dealing proficiently with things that are not clear-cut.

A person stands in need of enduring his or her family, more or less independence, the changing stations of life, and much else, because there may be less danger in enduring well than in preparing for blunt revolts, upheavals, revolutions and gross carnage, for example.

Who endures the online classics here, gets information from rather enduring works so far . . .

Further Words

"Usually, so much effort is put into achieving one goal, that the other goals cannot be attained. But what about the man who strives to attain the Dharma? If he succeeds he has gained in that one goal far more . . .," writes Han Shan (1546–1623), and "Those who are . . . noble in the Buddha's Way always retain their wealth."

"The enlightened understand life and death." - Han Shan


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Tor: Buzan, Tony. Speed Reading. Rev. ed. London: David and Charles, 1988.

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