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Q: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary for me?

A: "The Sanskrit language of Indian philosophy provides a vast and subtly differentiated set of definitions . . . "The student of Indian philosophy, perhaps more than any other student, greatly benefits" from good explanations of useful Sanskrit terms on the road toward direct "understanding of reality enlightenment", as Neal White is into. (p. 8).

That's why there is a simple yoga vocabulary linked to the yoga pages (see left corner). Or better still, get a Sanskrit-English Dictionary that is neither too big nor to slim, but just about right -

In the course of his studies John Grimes compiled a concise dictionary of Indian philosophy terms, and later expanded it to suit both the schola and layperson. It became a standard text for college students and post-graduate students of Indian philosophy. Grimes's dictionary is designed for those interested in Indian philosophy in general and in Vedanta in particular, and is referenced. A number of other dictionaries are available too (9,10)


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Grimes, John. A Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy: Sanskrit Terms Defined in English. New, rev. 3rd ed. Varanasi: Indica Books, 2009.

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