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If I had no sense of humour, I would long ago have committed suicide. [Mahatma Gandhi]

He who has provoked the shaft of wit, had better not complain if he smarts from it. [With Samuel Johnson]

Wit ought to be a glorious treat like caviar. [Noel Coward]

The next best thing to being humorous oneself, could be to quote the anecdote of someone else. [Cf. Christian Nestell Bovee on wit]

The harder they laugh, the harder they are to handle?

To free yourself, maintain your balance. Humour may help that, by presenting a better perspective somehow, at times beneath the surface. Besides, frivolous-looking and non-bossy humour often forms part of "giant" discipline. 'Giant' means spiritual in most of our contexts.

Not all that's presented as humour is kind or good, and some fruits can have bitter after-tastes.

Terse humour may be fit toward bringing about less bluffing.

At times there may be nothing like a gale of laughter to offset tenseness and nervousness - which in the long run tend to breed psychosomatic diseases. There are many of them.

What if this be true: "The harder they laugh, the tougher is their soil to handle"?

Much Oriental teaching, like Zen, may look like humour at first glance, just as Reginald Blyth documents. [Orh]. His Zen teacher, Dr. D. Suzuki, held this opinion: "Tao is Zen, and Zen is Tao." Even inside hard-headed Judaism, humour can be looked on as great and religious, as seen in A Treasury of Jewish Folklore. [Ato]

Further Words

As an academic writer, make doubly sure your good ideas are relevant and tie in with highly regarded, valid literature in your arena, or there could be troubles ahead, just as D. L. Pierce is into here:

Your (Doctoral Dissertation) Committee Says: "Your hypotheses were not tied to the existing literature."
       Your Committee Means: "You came up with a creative, new idea and we want to make sure you never do it again."

[Excerpt: D. L. Pierce, MA, in "Understanding Your Doctoral Dissertation Committee: A Survivor's Guide for Advanced Graduate Students"] [Check]


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Ato: Ausubel, Nathan. A Treasury of Jewish Folklore: The Stories, Traditions, Legends, Humor, Wisdom and Folk Songs. New York: Crown, 1948.

Orh: Blyth, Reginald Horace. Oriental humour. Tokyo: Hokuseido, 1963.

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