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Hymns of the Rigveda


Rigveda 9:26-50

From the Hymns of the Rigveda, based on Ralph Griffith's translation of 1889, re-edited somewhat by Tormod Kinnes.

26 - Soma Pavamana

THE sages with the fingers' art have dressed and decked that vigorous steed

Upon the lap of Aditi, [1]

The kine have called aloud to him exhaustless with a thousand streams,

TIndu who supports heaven. [2]

Him, nourisher of many, Sage, creative Pavamana, they

Have sent, by wisdom, to the sky. [3]

Him, dweller with Vivasvan, they with use of both arms have sent forth,

The Lord of Speech infallible. [4]

Him, green, beloved, many eyed, the Sisters with prosing stones

Send down to ridges of the sieve. [5]

Pavamana, Indu, priests hurry you on to Indra, you

Who aid song and cheer him.

27 - Soma Pavamana

THIS Sage, exalted by our lauds, flows to the purifying cloth,

Scattering foes as he is cleansed. [1]

As giving power and winning light, for Indra and for Vayu he

Is poured upon the filtering-cloth. [2]

The men conduct him, Soma, Steer, Omniscient, and the Head of Heaven,

Effused into the vats of wood. [3]

Longing for kine, longing for gold has Indu Pavamana lowed,

Still Conqueror, never overcome. [4]

This Pavamana, gladdening draught, drops on the filtering cloth, and then

Mounts up with Surya to the sky. [5]

TIndra in the firmament this mighty tawny Steer has flowed,

This Indu, being purified.

28 - Soma Pavamana

URGED by the men, this vigorous steed, Lord of the mind, Omniscient,

Runs to the woollen straining-cloth. [1]

Within the filter has he flowed, this Soma for the gods effused,

Entering all their essences. [2]

He shines in beauty there, this God immortal in his dwelling-place,

Foe-slayer, dearest to the gods. [3]

Directed by the Sisters ten, bellowing on his way this Steer

Runs onward to the wooden vats. [4]

This Pavamana, swiftand strong, Omniscient, gave spleudour to

The Sun and all his forms of light. [5]

This Soma being purified, flows mighty and infallible,

Slayer of sinners, dear togods.

29 - Soma Pavamana

FORWARD with mighty force have flowed the currents of this Steer effused,

Of him who sets him by the gods. [1]

The singers praise him with their song, and learned priests adorn the steed,

Brought forth as light that merits laud. [2]

These things you winnest lightly while purified, Soma, Lord of wealth:

Fill full the sea that claims our praise. [3]

Winning all precious things at once, flow on, Soma, with your stream

Drive to one place our enemies. [4]

Preserve us from the godless, from ill-omened voice of one and all,

That so we may be freed from blame. [5]

Indu, as you flowest on bring us the wealth of earth and heaven,

And splendid vigour, in your stream.

30 - Soma Pavamana

STREAMS of this Potent One have flowed easily to the straining-cloth:

While he is cleansed he lifts his voice. [1]

Indu, by pressers urged to speed, bellowing out while beautified.

Sends forth a very mighty sound. [2]

Pour on us, Soma, with your stream manconquering might which many crave,

Accompanied with hero sons. [3]

Here has Pavamana flowed, Soma flowed here in a stream,

To settle in the vats of wood. [4]

To waters with the stones they drive you tawny-hued, most rich in sweets,

Indu, to be Indra's drink. [5]

For Indra, for the Thunderer press the soma very rich in sweets,

Lovely, inspiriting, for strength.

31 - Soma Pavamana

THE, Soma-drops, benevolent, come forth as they are purified,

Bestowing wealth which all may see. [1]

Indu, high over heaven and earth be you, increaser of our might:

The Master of all strength be you. [2]

The winds are gracious in their love to you, the rivers flow to you

Soma, they multiply your power. [3]

Soma, wax great. From every side may vigorous powers unite in you:

Be in the gathering-Place of strength. [4]

For you, brown-hued! the kine have poured imperishable oil and milk.

Aloft on the sublimest height. [5]

Friendship, Indu, we desire with you who bear noble arms,

With you, Lord of all that is.

32 - Soma Pavamana

THE rapture-shedding Soma-drops, effused in our assembly, have

Flowed forth to glorify our prince. [1]

Then Trita's Maidens onward urge the Tawny-coloured with the stones,

Indu for Indra, for his drink. [2]

Now like a swan he maks all the company sing each his hymn:

He, like a steed, is bathed in milk. [3]

Soma, viewing heaven and earth, you runncst like a darting deer

Set in the place of sacrifice. [4]

The cows have sung with joy to him, even as a woman to her love

He came as to a settled race. [5]

Bestow illustrious fame on us, both on our liberal lords and me,

Glory, intelligence, and wealth.

33 - Soma Pavamana

LIKE waves of waters, skilled in song the juices of the soma speed

Onward, as buffaloes to woods. [1]

With stream of sacrifice the brown bright drops have flowed with strength in store

Of kine into the wooden vats. [2]

TIndra, Vayu, Varuna, to Visnu, and the Maruts, flow

The drops of soma juice effused. [3]

Three several words are uttered: kine are ]owing, cows who give their milk:

The Tawny-hued goes bellowing on. [4]

The young and sacred mothers of the holy rite have uttered praise:

They decorate the Child of Heaven. [5]

From every side, Soma, for our profit, pour you forth four seas

Filled full of riches thousandfold.

34 - Some Pavamana

THE drop of soma juice effused flows onward with this stream impelled.

Rending strong places with its might. [1]

Poured forth tIndra, Varuna, to Vayu and the Marut hosts,

To Visnu, flows the soma juice. [2]

With stones they press the soma forth, the Strong conducted by the strong:

They milk the liquor out with skill. [3]

it is he whom Trita must refine, it is he who shall make Indra glad:

The Tawny One is decked with tints. [4]

Him do the Sons of Prishni milk, the dwelling-place of sacrifice,

Oblation lovely and most dear. [5]

To him in one unitcd stream th-,se songs flow on straight forward. he,

Loud voiced, has made the milch-kine low.

35 - Soma Pavamana

Pour forth on us abundant wealth, Pavamana, with your stream.

Wherewith you mayest find us light [1]

Indu, swayer of the sea, shaker of all things, flow you on,

Bearer of wealth to us with might. [2]

With you for hero, Valiant one! may we subdue our enemies:

Let what is precious flow to us. [3]

Indu arouses strength the Sage who strives for victory, winning power,

Discovering holy works and means. [4]

Mover of speech, we robe him with our songs as he is purified

Soma, the Guardian of the folk; [5]

On whose way, Lord of Holy Law, most richi as he is purified.

The people all have set their hearts.

36 - Soma Pavamana

FORTH from the mortar is the juice sent, like a car-horse, to the sieve:

The steed steps forward to the goal. [1]

Thus, Soma, watchful, bearing well, cheering the gods, flow past the sieve,

Turned to the vat that drops with meath. [2]

Excellent Pavamana, make the lights shine brightly out for us.

Speed us to mental power and skill. [3]

He, beautified by pious men, and coming from their hands adorned,

Flows through the fleecy straining-cloth. [4]

May Soma pour all treasures of the heavens, the earth, the firmament

Upon the liberal worshipper. [5]

You mount to the height of heaven, Soma, seeking steeds and kine,

And seeking heroes, Lord of Strength!

37 - Soma Pavamana

SOMA, the Steer, effused for draught, flows to the purifying sieve,

Slaying the fiends, loving the gods. [1]

Far-sighted, tawny-coloured, he flows to the sieve, intelligent,

Bellowing, to his place of rest. [2]

This vigorous Pavamana runs forth to the luminous realm of heaven,

Fiend-slayer, through the fleecy sieve. [3]

This Payamana up above Trita's high ridge has made the Sun,

Together with the Sisters, shine. [4]

This Vritra-slaying Steer, effused, Soma room-giver, never deceived,

Has gone, as it were, to win the spoil. [5]

Urged onward by the sage, the god speeds forward to the casks of wood,

Indu tIndra willingly.

38 - Soma Pavamana

THIS Steer, this Chariot, rushes through the woollen filter, as he goes

To war that wins a thousand spoils. [1]

The Dames of Trita with the stones onward impel this Tawny One

Indu tIndra for his drink. [2]

Ten active fingers carefully adorn him here; they make him bright

And beauteous for the gladdening draught. [3]

He like a falcon settles down amid the families of men.

Speeding like lover to his love. [4]

This young exhilarating juice looks downward from its place in heaven,

This Soma-drop that pierced the sieve. [5]

Poured for the draught, this tawny juice

flows forth, intelligent, crying out,

To the well-beloved place.

39 - Soma Pavamana

FLOW On, you of lofty thought, flow swift in your beloved form,

Saying, I go where dwell the gods. [1]

Preparing what is unprepared, and bringing store of food to man,

Make you the rain descend from heaven. [2]

With might, bestowing power, thejuice enters the purifying sieve,

Far-seeing, sending forth its light. [3]

This is it which in rapid course has with the river's wave flowed down

From heaven upon the straining cloth. [4]

Inviting him frorh far away, and even from near at hand, the juice

For Indra is poured forth as meath. [5]

In union they have sung the hymn: with stones they urge the Tawny One.

Sit in the place of sacrifice.

40 - Soma Pavamana

THE Very Active has assailed, while purified, all enemies:

They deck the Sage with holy songs. [1]

The Red has mounted to his place; tIndia, goes the mighty juice:

He settles in his firm abode. [2]

Indu, Soma, send us now great opulence from every side, Pour on us treasures thousandfold. [3]

Soma Pavamana, bring, Indu, all splcndours hereward:

Find for us food in boundless store. [4]

As you are cleansed, bring hero strength and riches to your worshipper,

And prosper you the singer's hymns. [5]

Indu, Soma, being cleansed, bring here riches doublypiled,

Wealth, mighty Indu, meet for lauds.

41 - Soma Pavamana

ACTIVE and bright have they come forth, impetuous in speed like bulls,

Driving the black skin far away. [1]

Quelling the riteless Dasyu, may we think upon the bridge of bliss,

Leaving the bridge of woe behind. [2]

The mighty Pavamana's roar is heard as it were the rush of rain

Lightnings are flashing to the sky. [3]

Pour out on us abundant food, when you are pressed, Indu wealth

In kine and gold and steeds and spoil. [4]

Flow on your way, Most Active, you. fill full the mighty heavens and earth,

As Dawn, as Surya with his beams. [5]

On every side, Soma, flow round us with your protecting stream,

As Rasa flows around the world.

42 - Soma Pavamana

ENGENDERING the Sun in floods, engendering heaven's lights, green-hued,

Robed in the waters and the milk, [1]

According to primeval plan this Soma, with his stream, effused

Flows purely on, a God for gods. [2]

For him victorious, waxen great, the juices with a thousand powers

Are purified for winning spoil. [3]

Shedding the ancient fluid he is poured into the cleansing sieve:

He, thundering, has produced the gods. [4]

Soma, while purifying, sends here all things to be desired,

He sends the gods who strengthen Law. [5]

Soma, effused, pour on us wealth in kine, in heroes, steeds, and spoil,

Send us abundant store of food.

43 - Soma Pavamana

WE will enrobe with sacred song the Lovely One who, as a steed,

Is decked with milk for rapturous joy. [1]

All songs of ours desiring grace adorn him in the ancient way,

Indu for Indra, for his drink. [2]

Soma flows on when purified, beloved and adorned with songs,

Songs of the sage Medhyatithi. [3]

Soma Pavamana, find exceeding glorious wealth for us,

Wealth, Indu, fraught with boundless might. [4]

Like courser racing to the prize Indu, the lover of the gods,

Roars, as he passes, in the sieve. [5]

Flow on your way to win us strength, to speed the sage who praises you:

Soma, bestow heroic power.

44 - Soma Pavamana

INDU, to us for this great rite, bearing as it were your wave to gods,

Unwearied, you are flowing forQh. [1]

Pleased with the hymn, impelled by prayer, Soma is hurried far away,

The Wise One in the Singer's stream., [2]

Watchful among the. gods, this juice advances to the cleansing sieve

Soma, most active, travels on. [3]

Flow onward, seeking strength for us, embellishing the sacrifice:

The priest with trimmed grass calls you. [4]

May Soma, ever bringing power to Bhaga and to Vayu, Sage

And hero, lead us to the gods. [5]

So, to increase our wealth to-day, Inspirer, best of Furtherers,

Win for us strength and high renown.

45 - Soma Pavamana

FLOW, you who viewest men, to give delight, to entertain the gods,

Indu, tIndra for his drink. [1]

Stream to your embassy for us: you hastenest, for Indra, to

The gods, better than our friends. [2]

We balm you, red of hue, with milk to fit you for the rapturous joy:

Unbar for us the doors of wealth. [3]

He through the sieve has passed, as comes a courser to the pole, to run

Indu belongs to the gods. [4]

All friends have lauded him as he sports in the wood, beyond the fleece:

Singers have chanted Indu's praise. [5]

Flow, Indu, with that stream wherein steeped you announcest to the man

Who worships you heroic strength.

46 - Soma Pavamana

LIKE able coursers they have been sent forth to be the feast of gods,

joying in mountains, flowing on. [1]

To Vayu flow the soma-streams, the drops of juice made beautiful

Like a bride dowered by her sire. [2]

Pressed in the mortar, these, the drops of

juice, the somas rich in food,

Give strength tIndra with their work. [3]

Deft-handed men, run here, seize the brilliant juices blent with meal,

And cook with milk the gladdening draught. [4]

Thus, Soma, Conqueror of wealth! flow, finding furtherance for us,

Giver oF ample opulence. [5]

This Pavamana, meet to be adorned, the fingers ten adorn,

The draught that shall make Indra glad.

47 - Soma Pavamana

GREAT as he was, Soma has gained strength by this high solemnity:

joyous he riss like a bull. [1]

His task is done: his crushings of the Dasyus are made manifest:

He sternly reckons their debts. [2]

Soon as his song of praise is born, the soma, Indra's juice, becomes

A thousand-winning thunderbolt. [3]

Seer and Sustainer, he himself desirs riches for the sage

When he embellishs his songs. [4]

Fain would they both win riches as in races of the steeds. In war

You are upon the conquerors' side.

48 - Soma Pavamana

WITH sacrifice we seek to you kind Cherisher of manly might

In mansions of the lofty heavens; [1]

Gladdening crusher of the bold, ruling with very mighty sway,

Destroyer of a hundred forts. [2]

Hence, Sapient One! the falcon, strong of wing, unwearied, brought you down,

Lord over riches, from the sky. [3]

That each may see the light, the Bird brought us the guard of Law, the friend

Of all, the speeder through the air. [4]

And now, sent forth, it has attained to mighty power and majesty,

Most active, ready to assist.

49 - Soma Pavamana

Poust down the rain upon us, pour a wave of waters from the sky,

And plenteous store of wholesome fbod. [1]

Flow onward with that stream of yours, by which the cows have come to us,

The kine of strangers to our home. [2]

Chief friend of gods in sacred rites, pour on us fatness with your stream,

Ppur down on us a flood of rain. [3]

To give us vigour, with your stream run through the fleecy straining-cloth

For verily the gods will bear. [4]

Onward has Pavamana flowed and beaten off the Raksasas,

Flashing out splendour as of old.

50 - Soma Pavamana

LOUD as a river's roaring wave your powers have lifted up themselves:

Urge on your arrow's sharpened point. [1]

At your effusion upward rise three voices full of joy, when you

Flowest upon the fleecy ridge. [2]

On to the fleece they urge with stone the tawny well-beloved One,

Even Pavamana, dropping meath. [3]

Flow with your current to the sieve, Sage most powerful to cheer,

To seat you in the place of song. [4]

Flow, Most Exhilarating! flow anointed with the milk for balm,

Indu, for Indra, for his drink.

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