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He that gives good advice, builds with one hand. He that gives good counsel and example, builds with both. But he that gives good admonition and bad example, builds with one hand and pulls down with the other. It may not be so bad. There is also room for good example and awkward admonition. It can work out well. [Cf. Francis Bacon]

Low Roles and Low Friends

Do not disregard that some roles may elevate you.

Those who claim their roles are needed to play, want to remain in by that. Some roles may open doors, but if cliques are had by roles played, decay is around the bend too.

If role-playing, you may carry a hidden load. The crucial thing is how far you are counteracted in being yourself, first and foremost, and whether others won't cooperate in like measure if you try. However, better company may be sought, and keep various options open to that end too. While you seek for better company, you may feel that being cross is legitimate. Maybe. But consider to what degree this is true:

"The outer world you get aware of, is largely experienced in your deep mind somehow." Also, we have to be tough enough not to fail in our own homes, as "A man's enemies are those of his own household," said Jesus. Try to ascertain whether that strange-looking teaching about consanguinity holds good outside Judaism too, for Jesus was a Jew among other Jews in his time.

Many who seem to be friends, can serve as adversaries in a wider scheme, by blunting you. Also bear in mind that "All are not friends that speak us fair (American)." [Good friends].

If you have no role to play, you can't be brittle.

It could be good to be at home wherever we find ourselves, but is it attainable?

Cults may seem unnatural, but they are much like farms where members serve - even for free - like farm animals of a sort.

A man is known by his friends. They had better not be chosen as a part of an outward show alone, for then you are shallow, which carries with it added risks of "losing oneself" (a Biblical term for a bad thing) and of dwarfing.

To be at home may feel straining, for it entails being homeward bound . . .

Where we love is home, a most enduring earthly establishment.

Life's a voyage that's homeward bound. To feel at home, stay at home, and see bad television.


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