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Suspicions Can Foster Yoga


Suspicions Can Foster Yoga

A European "moo" is attempted.

Werewolves are mythological or folkloric humans with the ability to shapeshift into wolves or wolf-like creatures at full moon in particular. The werewolf is generally held to be a European character. Film makers have americanised this creature too, like so many other interesting "European things" to benefit from. Beware of the film industry; it snatches even the moos of cows if there may be money to make in it.

The 'wer' in werewolf translates as "man" (male human), Old Norse verr. The last part of the world means wolf or beast. There are some alternative explanations of the word too. The symptoms of the werewolf, as given by the Roman poet Ovid, have remarkable similarities to those shown by rabies victims. According to some European traditions, being bitten by a werewolf could result in the victim turning into one. Being bitten by a rabid wolf or person would have spread the condition in the same way. To the medieval mind, a rabid wolf or person might have been seen as a werewolf.

If you suspect someone to be a werewolf just because the film industry has found that such creatures bring money to them, think twice. And learn to handle theory-making on your own and be up to snuff - normal, up to standard, adequate. That is usually a good idea.

When you test hypotheses, you put suspicions and the like to use, so as to be able to arrive at firmer or better guesswork - a theory can be born in this way. From the basic, quite general scientific method, further methods and technology can be arrived at in time. On top of what you may find out, you can very carefully form further ideas.

Questioning and suspictions that cannot be resolved at any time, may be kept in suspense, and profitable ways tend to assist healthy thriving.

Among Hindu swamis who advocate a rational approach to yoga and meditation, is swami Vivekananda. [Link A] [Link B].

You don't have to believe a thing to practice good and decent meditation methods and see for yourself whether or how far they help you.

Beware of Mishmash

ICON The signs of a GURU are as follows: his eyes are still and unwinking whenever he wants them to be so; by the practice of Yoga his breath is quiet without his forcibly holding it in his lungs; his mind is calm without effort." - Paramahansa Yogananda, East West, 1932.

Many foolishly believe in this. They seem unaware that in his last four years, from 1948 and onwards, Yogananda told differently. Then he maintained that he had reached the highest yoga state and that no one would notice it. By that he gainsaid dramatically his former sayings of signs.

Compare: "All cannot recognise an Incarnation of God. Some take him for an ordinary man, some for a holy person, and only a few recognise him as an Incarnation." - Ramakrishna [Tas 179]

He says, in effect, "It takes one to know one."

You could think the Yogananda quotation from 1932 is all-round valid, and thereby limit the range of your investigations and hamper your understanding. For example, you could miss the higher teaching.

Keeping an open mind is much of value. You need to tune in to your heart too.

Accurate teachings may assist self-help, but bad teachings may breed nightmarish conditions for followers that slowly find out of discrepancies, and give other followers cramped attitudes and pharmacy needs.

High-class study can be annoying for privileged ones under study. What is good for a fisher of men is hardly good for the fish - it is often like that.

Fools compare statements of drivel-masters and ignore higher teachings up to wholly because it suits them.

Confession: "I have talked with and looked at women and really enjoyed it"

A mature stand: Confess only to your own benefit. Get away from "confess and be hanged" at any rate, as long as fool-Christians eat blood sausage and black pudding for Christmas food and otherwise and still think they are better off than adulterers . . .

No to blood food - which includes blood sausage, black pudding and many other dishes - is as stern as no to adultery in the deal for non-Jewish followers according to the Apostolic Decree, that is, for almost all Christians, believe it or not. [Cf. Acts 15 and 21:25].

So what will you do about it? That could be interesting to know.

The Christian who foolishly eats blood food may not think all right.

Two woman leaders

Yogananda told this: "Our best friends are those that criticise us the most - who never condone our faults." Accordlingly, a nagging wife could be the greatest friend, contrary to expectations of Lahiri Mahasaya who did not quite agree: When his wife upbraided him for somehing, he disappeared from sight and never ever slept with her after that. [Pa 287]

SRF got a woman leader as early as 1955. Some years ago a Los Angeles newspaper dug up that she had lived in a villa for thirty years away from the monastics she was the head of, and very, very few monastics knew about it. What kind of group culture is that?

The present SRF president is another woman. She heads an organisation which professes faith in original Christiany as taught by Jesus, one of the Christs, against the apostle Paul: "Women should remain silent in the churches . . . it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church [1 Cor 14:34-35]." However, Jesus does not teach that in the gospels. He demands other things instead.

Wise, just and golden women should be allowed to earn leader positions if they want to, while genuine Buddhas (Enlightened Ones) may refrain from such things.

Buddha said, "I have set forth the Dharma without making any distinction of esoteric and exoteric doctrine; nothing is held back. The Truth-arriver (Tathagatha, Awakened One) holds no idea that he should lead the community of bhikkhus [monks], or that the community depends upon him." [Maha-parinibbana-suttanta 2:32]

Blunderbuss "Only Saviour" Phrases

ICON Our only savior is our will power. [Is that really so?] [Dr 136]

It is a metaphysical error to speak of the historical person of Jesus as the only savior. It is the Christ Intelligence that is the universal redeemer. [What happened to "our only saviour, the will"?] [Yj 63]

Right meditation balanced with activity must be the cry of Christians, Hindus and all religionists, all churches, as the only savior. [And now it is something else. What about saving consistency?] [Yogananda. East-West. Vol. 4 -1. January-February, 1929: "Recipe Messages"].

He tells you that "your only saviour" is a will, Christ Intelligence, and right meditation. It means that "one equals three" - will, intelligence, meditation.

If the universe is false play, an illusion, which he also tells, repeatedly, what do you need to be saved from?

A cult member is in part a victim of plots, at least some mental prisoner, nd also a participant in a Gamy Play.

According to Yogananda's Autobiography, he was told he was to present kriya yoga to men and women of science. He was not told to drive them away or making them cramped willy-nillies and thrive on a sect. [Link]

The grins of sect victims may not be all right.

Suspicions and Yoga - END MATTER

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