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Go for Ripe Self-interest as Fit

Seek to adjust an unfinished and incomplete situation with "thriving for now," perhaps along with preparing for future strides.

To be kept waiting seems fit for a modest one that is still able to tread water. – Things, happenings, and people that are not yet ripe in their own designs, can be worked on and harvested by cunning, violence, blunt force and conformism. You may do well to counteract these more than a bit more. At the same time let the hood of sane interests crown your fit efforts somewhat as well.

Some Words

To avoid a certain dryness: the maturing family.

A good and profitable series of days is not to be ruined or put to hazards by one's thriving on those days.

As life is the ongoing task of not finishing everything all of a sudden, the phases of this and that when certain major things are nearing completion, are times to be greatly alarmed - enough to let some seeds of delicate, own new beginnings stir to sprout inside oneself.

A fit part of family living and expert writing, is to have ones eggs one at a time, as the time seems fit and ripe for them. This is a side to adjustment. Many good things in your way may be rooted in the momentum of some "not yet finished" or "unfinish(ed) still" or "keep at things as willingness dictates" - and being ready to mature into good shape and fit order. It is at least partly individual.

As for the dead ones in one's family or clan, they evidently got finished unless they got awfully attached to family estate and things like that. Let's hope not.

Further Words

Birds in their little nests agree. [Isaac Watts] [A note of realism: Some do not agree. It is not uncommon that older nestling kick out weaker nestlings and thereby kill them.]

Need makes the naked man run. (Proverb). The other way round: Running a lot makes men undress a lot.


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