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Long Ago

To dress to please others doesn't have to be bad. [Cf. Benjamin Franklin]

Ingrained stupidity works excellently against the impact of a new idea. [With P. W. Bridgman]

Inferior Art

It's best to search for the alternatives to illusions and temptations, and make that approach free for all and make no mistakes, of course. [With Joan B. Campbell]

No form of nature is inferior to low art; for not a few arts imitate natural forms. [Also see Marcus Aurelius Antoninus]

As we go away from delicious nature in what we tell and portray, art may suffer very heavy blows.

Further Words

The value of life is enhanced by having good things and being occupied in some ways and not other ways. Painting is one such delight, and from that, paintings. To collect precious stones and make pendants is another. And so on.


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