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I used to play flutes in an orchestra. They were easier to carry along than a contrabass. [TK]

"I really should have studied flute,

Harmonica, or chimes.

A clarinet is nice and light;

A fiddle would be fine.

But I had to take piano,

And my teacher is a brute.

He lives up seven flights of stairs.

(I wish I played the flute.)"

- Shel Silverstein

When Krishna plays the flute the whole world is . . . entranced. [The Bhagavata-Purana]

Flute music is love music from the heart. [Judith Redman Robbins]

The fluteplayer, not the flute, makes the music. [With Rumi]

The flute is the show-off of the wind section. [Garrison Keillor]


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