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If we survive -

Some difficulties lie where we are not looking for them. [Cf. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe]

If we survive difficulty it can steel our courage more than many other things around. [Cf. Reinhold Niebuhr on 'danger']

Abstain from letting young people tell you their aspirations; when they drop them they might drop you for it. [With Logan Pearsall Smith]

Fit Study

Interest is the great motivator to learning and to learning more and better as time goes by. If the interest is broken, rigorous schooling puts hearts under much pressure. One all right way to counteract that, is proper study methods. By learning to rise to the learning challenges by good and sound learning methods and the like, one may take to like the stuff too, perhaps after half a year. The liking may come by degrees.

Thus, stretch your limbs like the tree to gain added benefits from rising higher in study camps. Stretch your limbs by study systems, but resist the temptation to work like a robot. Well-nigh everybody can make neat progress in learning while keeping one's interests into it, if they adhere to basics of functional study methods. Learning at your own pace is good too. See "mastery learning".


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