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Miao - Secrets

Forbid a man to think for himself or to act for himself and you may add the joy of piracy and the zest of smuggling to his life. — Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." [Elbert Hubbard with Albert Einstein]

When you've robbed a man of everything he's no longer in your power - he's free again. [Alexander Solzhenitsyn]

Briefing: Before Embarking

Before embarking on outstanding teachings, maybe we should inform that the catlike sound miao is Chinese and means essential mystery. That is what Lin Yutang explains in his translation of the first chapter of Tao Te Ching (Dao De Jing). [Wic]

Life quite often consists of everydays. So it is very fine to see higher knowledge and wisdom in performing everyday tasks well.

Let those who appreciate tactful reserve blossom. Tactful reserve doesn't have to manipulate, overstate and go back on a lot of words later.

Futher Words. On Biting and Scratching

"Biting and scratching is Scots folk's wooing. [British proverb]

When asked why he did not have sex with his wife, the guru Ramakrishna (1836-1886) replied by way of an old Hindu story from a purana (book):

"Kartikeya one day scratched a cat with his nail. On going home, he saw that there was a scratch on the cheek of his mother Parvati. Seeing this he asked her, "Mother, how did you get this ugly scratch on your cheek?"

The mother replied, "You have done it; it's the scratch of your nail. You scratched a cat this morning?"

Kartikeya said, "Yes, I did."

She replied, "Whole Creation is me. Whoever you may hurt, you hurt me."

Kartikeya was greatly surprised. How could he marry his mother and not scratch her with his toe nails in bed? [Cf. Tas, retold]

In the tale, the scratcher (Kartikeya) was considered to be no part of the world. That is a story-teller trick only if "the whole creation is myself". Ignoring men and boys as parts of the whole creation forms the attitude-forming trick of that old tale.

Regard every woman as your mother, said Paramahansa Yogananda. To follow the guru's guideline would be too stupid if your mother was not particularly dear to you, but your wife and girls are.

Women differ, and an old woman has gone through several phases - baby, little girl, youngster, adult, mother, old age. See the whole picture to keep a balance. You may go for competence too.


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Tas: Ramakrishna. Tales and Parables of Sri Ramakrishna. 5th ed. Madras: Ramakrishna Math, 1974.

Wic: Yutang, Lin. The Wisdom of China. London: New English Library, 1963.

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