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Quips and Some Thought ❀ 3.4
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We must not promise what we ought not, lest we be called on to perform what we can't. [Abraham Lincoln]

He who shuts his lips in great luck can be esteemed as a man of understanding. [Cf. Proverbs 17:28]

Time spent on the art of having as little misery as possible should be time very well spent. [Cf. Samuel Johnson]

A good life takes a life-time. [TK]

A Briefing: Advancing a Good Life

To see things clearly, learn to observe in dispassioned ways and find out of the formations (forms) that appear to operate.

More goes into a well calculated life than being clear-sighted and well-behaved.

The stubbornly greedy and limited minds that are overflowing in society surely ruin much. It is hardly much help in being beneath the evil sides of life and others and systems and thus sustain parts of it.

Go for safe ways instead of being very cocky without some well-founded support.

You may be free enough to work on yourself - getting better ideas, linking up better, improving your odds, taking dancing lessons and courses in meditation. Heign your freedom.

Further Words from the Ancient Lore

Along with insights you need controlling, handling power to implement good things and get rid of the rest. [Tao Te Ching, from chap. 51]

America! After being over-cocky without reasonable support, lard won't help.


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