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The Figurative Salmon

Good salmon can assist survival, living and learning. [More salmon ideas]

There is wealth in the depths of the sea. There is also wisdom in the depths of many a mind.

What we have inside is our salmon [Cf. Robert Frost on 'God']

The old salmon could benefit from being unrecognised and anonymous. [TK]

Learn how to apply the salmon of ages to current life-plans and events. One way is "Sleep on it." [TK]

Old salmons may taste wonderfully if they are keep in working order. [Cf. John Quincy Adams on 'mind']

What appears to work contrary to the salmon and his ways, may have to go.

A crowning glory of virtue . . . well treated salmon. (We often have to elaborate on tall ideas.) [Cf. Cicero on 'justice']

The salmon wasn't made for man; we just pretend it.[TK]

If we speak figuratively, should we say: "The salmon in the Deep Sea the old godhead and sincere heart-feelings (love too) within man's heart"? [More].


The head learns new things, and the heart often practices old experiences. [Cf. Henry Ward Beecher]

People with presence have something called "je ne sais quis" (I don't know what it is) radiating from them. We enjoy being "in their presence." Presence is the natural radiance of a mature heart that is secure enough to show off for some good reason. [Cf. Doc Childre and Bruce Cryer]

There is a light that shines beyond the highest heavens. This is the light that shines in your heart. [With Chandogya Upanishad]

Our own heart, and not other men's opinions of us, forms our true honour. [Johann Von Schiller]

True humour could stem from the deep heart. [With Thomas Carlyle]

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