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With a whole lot of patience a circus clown caricatures gimmicks, situations and masks that favour the well-to-do or upper class. Some of these humans get stuck inside masks. They go on to feel isolated, and this glide can at times be equalled with "constant progress". Beware with patience.

Some Words

When you undertake a single step forward in the knowledge of spiritual realities, take at the same time three steps forward in the development of your character toward the good. [Rudolf Steiner]

The wise ones of old had subtle wisdom and depth of understanding,
So profound that they could not be understood. . . . [From Tao Te Ching, chapter 15, in Lin Yutang's translation. (1963)

The Sage hardly reveals himself. [Tao Te Ching, chap. 22]

This is what is meant by being critical; you ask thorough-going questions. "If you don't understand other people, how can you say they are excellent?" is one of them.


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Yutang, Lin. The Wisdom of China. London: New English Library, 1963.

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