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Good faith corresponds reasonably well with facts or laws of life. Bad faith is something speculated in by those who endorse it to "fish" people and make "herd animals" out of many of them - more or less.

Conformity may be ill when a faith helps great bosses to "cope by the legs and on the backs" of underlings. Many proverbs give evidence of it, and narcissism appears to be a result of faith astray in some.

In order to evolve good faith by decent sayings and standards that breed health and not corruption, it helps to measure a lot, preferably at the beginning. It is in essence what scientists search for - good measuring methods, devices and plans.

Faith and Hidden Robbers

Faith serves power and prestige fairly often. Guard against it. To make a harmful faith erode and dwindle could be good to the degree that faith made dysfunctional, and something better is put in its stead. It depends. All the same and for all that the one whose faith is made to resign, may feel that he or she has been wronged, and get deeply resentful as time goes by.

To be sensibly, well guarded may not be due to any lack of deep, inner faith, but it could show your faith works best when sensible precautions and shielding go into the design.

In a Sicilian fairy tale we are told how some progress by letting gullible ones have a wrong faith in rich people, and then the snowballs start rolling. It is one fairy tale "recipe of success of a sort", one of many. [The Sicilian folktale]

In the history of Christianity such "feats" are found too. One of the reasons for the Reformation was the papal clergy's abuse of faith; they traded absolution for money to get mighty edifices and other rewards of the dominant. The wealth-rewarded play was at bottom on guilt mixed with faith. See whether drastic and carefully robed clowning was into it or not. And masked clowning is clowning still.

In some quarters there is much usual, garbled talk by imagery and allegory to raise faith in "things unseen" without even a remote control in those who succumb to it by projecting an inborn, innate, innocence onto fancied realms and figures, it seems. Those in power tend to use means like these, religious and other ones, to further many worldly ends. Ah, humanity!


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