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The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer The Canterbury Tales is a collection of stories by Geoffrey Chaucer - two in prose, the rest in verse. The framework is of pilgrims on a pilgrimage. Some of the tales are original, others not. The language of this version is modern English.

  1. Prologue
  2. The Knight's Tale
  3. The Miller's Prologue
  4. The Miller's Tale
  5. The Reeve's Prologue
  6. The Reeve's Tale
  7. The Cook's Prologue
  8. The Cook's Tale
  9. Introduction to the Lawyer's Prologue
  10. The Lawyer's Prologue
  11. The Lawyer's Tale
  12. The Sailor's Prologue
  13. The Sailor's Tale
  14. The Prioress's Prologue
  15. The Prioress's Tale
  16. Prologue to Sir Thopas
  17. Sir Thopas
  18. Prologue to Melibeus
  19. The Tale of Melibeus
  20. The Monk's Prologue
  21. The Monk's Tale
  22. The Prologue to the Nun's Priest's Tale
  23. The Nun's Priest's Tale of the Cock and Hen, Chanticleer and Pertelote
  24. Epilogue to the Nun's Priest's Tale
  25. The Physician's Tale
  26. The Words of the Host to the Physician and the Pardoner
  27. The Prologue to the Pardoner's Tale
  28. The Pardoner's Tale
  29. The Wife of Bath's Prologue
  30. The Tale of the Wife of Bath
  31. The Friar's Prologue
  32. The Friar's Tale
  33. The Summoner's Prologue
  34. The Summoner's Tale
  35. The Clerk's Prologue
  36. The Clerk's Tale
  37. The Merchant's Prologue
  38. The Merchant's Tale
  39. Epilogue to the Merchant's Tale
  40. The Squire's Prologue
  41. The Squire's Tale
The Wife of Bath, Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer
A Canterbury Tales character: The Wife of Bath

  1. The Words of the Franklin to the Squire, and the Words of the Host to the Franklin
  2. The Franklin's Prologue
  3. The Franklin's Tale
  4. The Second Nun's Prologue
  5. The Second Nun's Tale of the Life of Saint Cecilia
  6. The Canon's Yeoman's Prologue
  7. The Canon's Yeoman's Tale
  8. The Manciple's Prologue
  9. The Manciple's Tale of the Crow
  10. The Parson's Prologue
  11. The Parson's Tale
  12. The Maker of this Book Takes His Leave
  13. On Geoffrey Chaucer

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