User's Guide

The headings are clickable. The flower above is a link to the front page. The red, tilted arrow above serves as a link to the Site Map.

Abbreviations - are for expressing more conveniently.

Additions (What's New) - New material on-site, revisions, and a bit of extra information.

Adjustments - A few of the clickable text links and icons are explained. Here is advice for regulating the text size and the shape of pages, and keyboard commands.

Bibliography - This base of literature references may be tried where the literature references or works cited at bottom of a page do not suffice.

TIP: The Literature headline at bottom of many pages is a link to the main bibliography.

Disclaimer - Aims at a proper perspective through a forest of qualifications.

Discourse markers - are fixed icons that can help assimilation (appropriation) of content, and also helps keeping oriented as to where in the discourse or essay you are etc.

Get a Tao - The art of arranging selected statements according to an embedded scientific structure, culminates in express sayings and training programs.

Handling - Alphabetic, extensive list over on-site handling aids, that is, tips and pages of site-handling and a few pages for beginning site designers.

Layout - The Gold Scales' upcoming, responsive web design (RWD) is formed to make content more accessible and enjoyable across a wider range of devices - (some) smartphones, phablets, mini tablets, tablets and desktop computers.

Literature references - (a) The Literature headline at many page bottoms is a clickable link to the site bibliography of some 2000 works.

(b) In the text, various code letters (acronyms and initial words) in square brackets refer to works, with page numbers put right after the code letters.

(c) In the bibliography survey there are full references for over 2000 works. The entries conform to standards of the Chicago Manual of Style, the humanities variant.

Personages - Personages on the site are listed alphabetically, with page links.

Refer - In writing to the site owner and referring to a Net page, what follows the last / (slash) of the 'location address' atop a page will do.

Renditions - The art of quoting has been widened and developed. Old and new formal signs for different sorts of extracts and referrals are had, in part enlarging on "cf." and quoting verbatim in the ways prescribed in various manuals of style. The Tao (Way) of arranging citations is a novelty too.

Reservations - Ready-made, presupposed qualifications to employ to our heart's delight.

Search the site - A page has a 'Search' button to access the site search utility, some dictionaries and reference works.

Thematic - Pages with some things in common are grouped into 'sets'. There are links to the sets on top and at bottom of most pages. (Site sections too offer an overview of fairly similar pages in many cases.)


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