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Dealing with Absent Carpenters
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A Friend far Away

The following sayings take off from English proverbs on the subject. The reference is Rosalind Fergusson's Dictionary of Proverbs (2000:1-2). Book data is at the bottom of the page. The question is whether we can learn anything of current value from proverbs of other times, other conditions. Perhaps a good way of sorting the sayings help. Tick Tack Tao (Get Dao) has in part this aim. [Approach].

LoThe frisk and salty tend to be reckoned with as strong -

The friend that's absent is forgotten as his influence is dwarfed.

No real friends should play dead to be considered strong.

The frisk and salt sea voyage can help reduce both first love and blunders. 

LoThe absent party can seldom afford big passions

Those far, far away are seldom seen for what they really are.

The absent part that hates you, seems beaten.

Well knows the fuzzy mouse the changes of a friend. 

Long absence and guilt can change a friend or four.

It happens that very great passions also blame former good friends at a distance.

To be in the wrong should work best from a distance.

LoIt should be far, far better just to be absent than to feign good at a distance

The very absent passions are never the great ones.

It's always better to blame friends at a distance. ✪ 

To be good tends to bring about absence later on. ; 2.1.


A Tick Tack Tao table-scheme (this one) sums up a sort of sorting-glide that may seem correct enough somehow. It depends in part on interpretations. It's often possible to form several nutshell-takes, and not just one and two. Here are the main suggestions so far: In sum
  1. The frisk and salty elements can be reckoned with as strong.
  2. The absent party can seldom afford big passions.
  3. It should be far better just to be absent than to feign good at a distance.

More implications

In nuce Maybe the frisk and salty one (in general) had better stay away from conform, but degrading settings where people must feign (or only feign and copy) to look good.



Craftsmen that Didn't Show Up in Time, if at All

Many would insist that missing craftsmen at times is a big and over-arching problem, and that there are more facets and nuances to it than that the plumber or carpenter decides to play dead - maybe figurative, one way or other.

LoThe frisk and salty carpenters tend to be reckoned with as strong, the others hardly that -

The carpenter and brick-layer that are only absent, are forgotten as their influence abates somehow.

No good masons should play dead (on the site or when you need them on the phone) to be considered strong.

The frisk and salt sea voyage can help reduce both all right love and blunders, once the [horrible and over-expensive] masons are out of the house. [You don't know how true it is -] 

LoThe strongly absent carport-maker can seldom afford big passions when he makes up excuses.

Those carport-makers that only are far, far away are seldom seen for what they really are.

The truant carpenter that hates you for withholding his pay, he could even be beaten (somehow).

Well knows the fuzzy brick-layer that the wind of friendships may change as he makes ever greater mistakes. 

Long absence and guilt can change the firms' employees for better or worse [Strikes do happen].

It happens that very great passions also blame the great carpenters in solidly unfair ways at a distance.

For the carport-maker to be in the wrong should work best from a distance.

LoIt should be far, far better if the horrible tile-laying expert just is absent rather than feigning good at a distance

The carport-maker's very absent passions for a lot of work are never seen as his great ones among those who contract him.

It can be safer and work better to blame one's carpenters when their important jobs are over and to keep some distance after that again. ✪ 

To be good to hired hands tends to bring about their absence later on.

All-round counsel on dealing with many carpenters may pertain to plumbers too

We think these cruxes hold water fairly well. To use parts of them as your own standards requires that you also carry the expenses and do it all at your own risk. The rewards may be withheld, also. Strange company has that "force", so to speak.

Now, what do you think? There are good chances that you may get better rapport with conform ones (another Taurean "thing") by substituting a lot for it. Replace "carport-maker" with "conform fellow" and get another surprise on top of the tick tack toe system applied to such as carport-makers.


In sum
  1. Frisk and salty is at times associated with strong.
  2. The strongly absent ones ought not go into big passions when they make up excuses.
  3. Better be absent than feign good -
IN NUCE In borderline conditions there is reason to think that the salty who disappear have to tackle how to be absent too.



Conformists and Proverbs

First, proverbs contain many lessons, and some of them may still fit somehow. It is unwise to look down on all conformists, though the doings and whereabouts of conformists are the wheels and cogwheels in the machine that takes our planet further and further downwards, in part in the name of progress. Is it worthwhile to litter your nest (Earth) and seek to fly to another tree (planet)? Hopes and investments in space colonisation is not yet so much to go for, at any rate. Textbooks in educational psychology may teach nothing about this overshadowing issue [Cronbach]

LoThe frisk and salty conform man tend to be reckoned with as strong, right or wrong

The conformist that's absent from Earth is forgotten soon enough, and his influence fades and gets levelled.

No real conformist should need to play dead in space to be reckoned with as strong.

The explorer voyage into space can help reduce both first love and blunders of too conform ones. 

LoThe absent conform ones can seldom afford big passions

Those conform guys that live very far away on some colonised planet are seldom seen and noted at all.

The absent or unmet conformist that hates you from somewhere deep in space, seems beaten by long distances somehow. Wat can he or she do?

Long absence from Earth and guilt can change a conformist buddy for the worse. He may get vain and relatively younger than the peers he left, too.

It happens that very great passions in the nearest conformist also blame former allies at a distance or in a pucker away from Earth (Perhaps we shouldn't expect real and solid justness from a mere space-colonising conformist - he is seldom that developed, they say).

For the conform man to be in the wrong and found out, happens to work best from a distance. But there may be no help in it if the distance is measured in light years.

LoIt could work better if the conform man just kept his distance rather than striving to look good "at a distance" (including by distance-making)

The very, very absent passions in space-colonising conformists are never the strong passions of great minds and artists. Perhaps.

It could be better to blame many assembled conform ones at a solid distance. A huge and solid brick wall is also of some merit, though not always. ✪ 

To be good to a conformist tends to make that one strangely remote or even physically absent later on.


In sum
  1. No real conformist should need to play dead. Watch out for the first signs: dropped vitality, little zest of living, loss of a sense of humour and creativity, and so on.
  2. The conform man-eater may get vain too.
  3. A huge and solid brick wall between you and the man-eater must be good, then.

In nuce The truth above the masquerade is that conformism eats manhood to a large extent, and that solid walls may hinder much, unsound conformism.

There are many good reasons to suspect discreetly that in a conform buddy over half of his seemingly strong emotions are feigned to appear appropriate some way or other.

A Tarpeian Rock Event

It happens that neither common sense nor folk wisdom is good enough. It also happens that professional and bureaucratic management fails too, quite often and sometimes grievously. This is shown through statistics about companies that fold in, by great scandals in the media, who may say, "Poorly planned, badly managed."

And even though you know lots, some of those you are dealing with may also know how to swindle, or the budget starts soaring astonishingly. What then? And on whose shoulders are responsibilities to be placed? Could the President of the Parliament to blame or not? It depends.

On March 18, 2018, the President of the Norwegian Parliament announced that he would step down because of a building project that had gone rampant. What started as a project for a new garage entrance for the Parliament, ballooned, and management cracks became visible. "This embarrassing and extremely costly scandal," the newspaper Aftenposten wrote, as the project was to cost NOK 70 million - before overruns and expensive complications brought the bill up to NOK 2.3 billion at least. The President of the Parliament finally acknowledged a formal responsibility and stepped down. Such an example!

The Latin Arx tarpeia Capitoli proxima, "the Tarpeian Rock is close to the Capitol" (Hill) in Rome signals something similar, or what? The Rock was an about 25 meters high cliff at the south side of the Capitol Hill with its temples and ceremonies. Convicted people were flung from the cliff to their deaths. The saying means "The fall from grace or an elevated position may come quickly."

Being flung from Capitol Hill might have been avoided by sound schooling, training and enough control over one's projects and budgets. As it is, some manage to "loaf through" their projects and like living, they say.

Below are some books that could elevate us to manage better if we take the trouble to get to the main lessons and soak ourselves in some of them. Note the difference between building to avoid a fall and building to pave the way for a fall. Being prepared is also fine. For all that, some results depend a lot on who you work with; how your employees are - some of them -; and so on.

Friends, carpenters, conformist goings, joiners, Literature  

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Harvesting the hay

Symbols, brackets, signs and text icons explained: (1) Text markers(2) Digesting.

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