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Edgar Cayce gave astrological readings to a variety of people. Scores of books that describe or touch on his astrology teachings have been published. In some sources he is quoted verbatim. The following gleanings are in line with his general astrology teachings. They are taken from John Willner's The Perfect Horoscope: Following the Astrological Guidelines Established by Edgar Cayce (2001), often in the form of renderings. Book data are at the bottom of the page.

Cayce teaches that we are to apply laws and good principles intelligently and as diligently as we are up to. We are to enhance progress by profiting from good guidance, and by maximising sound depth somehow.

In this scenario each soul oversees the choice of birth time, and much else. What is fit is to go for soul advancement, and that is the proper perspective.

Awareness of a situation can lead into forecasts of promptings and influences for making decisions, and "forewarned is forearmed", at least to some extent. One is to take the best advantage of things, including astrology. However, some succumb to feelings and some make no choices. Choices may be optimised, however, by applying will and own ideals. Supreme: self-activity, its will, images, and leanings toward good fortune.

Influences from planets at birth are like templates. Besides, there are dynamic influences (of progressions) we are surrounded by at any instant. However, according to Cayce it is rather the sojourn of the soul in the environs about the earth plane that determines the influence of the astrological aspects, rather than the position at the time of birth. To spell it out somewhat: Your environment with its conformity and persons in it may influence a person more than astrological drives.

And even though the foregoing may sum up vital parts of your general situation and the astrological lay of the land, your soul is told to be a contribution to universal consciousness.

Cayce's Astrology Teachings

Well for everyone to make a [sound and profitable] study of astrology! - Edgar Cayce, Reading 311-10.

A sleeping Cayce tells that influences of planets can be felt in the form of "inclinations, tendencies, and urges" (781-5). Yet human will and everyday choices may work better.

A distinction: to be directed by one's planets or controlling these influences or tendencies, as the case may be, by individual will. (Cf. reading 815-6)

Cayce puts astrology and the twinlike lore of karma and reincarnation together, and tells of soul life in the great beyond also. He speaks of a kind of "planet-hopping" for the soul - that is, series of journeys between the spheres that are tied in with the planets in the solar system, and tells there is a plan somewhere.

From Reading 3744-3

The reading was given by Edgar Cayce at the Phillips Hotel, Dayton, Ohio, this 24th day of November, 1923, at 3:30 pm in accordance with request made by the persons given the numbers 5717, 953, 294, and by still others. A few mentions are left out below (shown by . . . ). 'Question' is marked by a Q only.

PRESENT: Edgar Cayce; Linden Shroyer, Cayce guide; and Gladys Davis, stenographer.

(Q) Please give a definition of the word astrology.

(EC) That position in space about our own earth that is under the control of the forces that are within the sphere of that control, and all other spheres without that control. That is astrology, the study of those conditions. In the beginning, our own plane, the Earth, was set in motion. The planning of other planets began the ruling of the destiny of all matters as created, just as the division of waters was ruled and is ruled by the Moon in its path about the earth; just so as the higher creation as it begun is ruled by its action in conjunction with the planets about the earth. The strongest force used in the destiny of man is the Sun first, then the closer planets to the earth, or those that are coming to ascension at the time of the birth of the individual, BUT LET IT BE UNDERSTOOD HERE, NO ACTION OF ANY PLANET OR THE PHASES OF THE SUN, THE MOON OR ANY OF THE HEAVENLY BODIES SURPASS THE RULE OF MAN'S WILL POWER, the power given by the Creator of man, in the beginning, when he became a living soul, with the power of choosing for himself. The inclinations of man are ruled by the planets under which he is born, for the destiny of man lies within the sphere or scope of the planets.

(Q) Do the planets have an effect on the life of every individual born?

(EC) They have. Just as this earth's forces were set in motion, and about it, those forces that govern the elements, elementary so, of the earth's sphere or plane, and as each comes under the influence of those conditions, the influence is to the individual without regards to the will, which is the developing factor of man, in which such is expressed through the breath of the Creator, and as one's plane of existence is lived out from one sphere to another they come under the influence of those to which it passes from time to time. In the sphere of many of the planets within the same solar system, we find they are banished to certain conditions in developing about the spheres from which they pass, and again and again and again return from one to another until they are prepared to meet the everlasting Creator of our entire Universe, of which our system is only a very small part. . . . In the various spheres, then, through which he must pass to attain that which will fit him for the conditions to enter in, and become a part of that Creator, just as an individual is a part of the creation now. In this manner we see there is the influence of the planets upon an individual, for all must come under that influence, though one may pass from one plane to another without going through all stages of the condition, for only upon the earth plane at present do we find man is flesh and blood, but upon others do we find those of his own making in the preparation of his own development. . . . Just in that manner is the way shown how man may escape from all of the fiery darts of the wicked one, for it is self, and selfishness, that would damn the individual soul unto one or the other of those forces that bring about the change that must be in those that willfully wrong his Maker. It is not that which man does or leaves undone, but rather that indifference toward the creation that makes or loses for the individual entity. Then, let's be up and doing - doing . . .

(Q) Give the names of the principal planets, and the influence on the lives of people.

(EC) Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Septimus. Influence as is given by many of those in and about the earth plane is defective. Many of the forces of each is felt more through the experience, by the entity's sojourn upon those planets than by the life that is lead other than by will, for will is the factor in the mind of man that must be exercised. The influence from any is from what planet that soul and spirit returns to bring the force to the earth individual, as it is breathed into the body, from whence did it come? that being the influence. . . .

(Q) Are any of the planets, other than the earth, inhabited by human beings or animal life of any kind?

(EC) No.

(Q) Give the description of the planet nearest the earth at the present time, and its effect upon the people.

(EC) That planet now fast approaching the earth, under whose influence the earth's minds trend, will be for the next few years, as time is known here, is Mars, who will be only thirty-five million miles away from the earth in 1924. The influence will be felt as this recedes from the earth, and those of that nature; that is, given through sojourn there, express in their lives upon the earth the troublesome times that will arise, only being tempered with that of those who may be, and will be, coming from those of Jupiter, Venus and Uranus, those strong ennobling forces tempered by those of love and strength.

(Q) What effect will the planet, Uranus, have on the people during the next two years?

(EC) We find in this planet those of the exceptional forces, those of the ultra forces, those that carry the extremes in every walk of physical life and forces . . . Well may the earth tremble under that influence in 1925 and 1927.

(Q) Is it proper for us to study the effects of the planets on our lives in order to better understand our tendencies and inclinations, as influenced by the planets?

(EC) When studied aright, very, very, very much so. How aright then? In that influence as is seen in the influence of the knowledge already obtained by mortal man. Give more of that into the lives, giving the understanding THAT THE WILL MUST BE THE EVER GUIDING FACTOR TO LEAD MAN ON, EVER UPWARD.

(Q) In what way should astrology be used to help man live better in the present physical plane?

(EC) In that which the position of the planets give the tendencies in a given life, without reference to the will. Then let man, the individual, understand how WILL may overcome, for we all must overcome, if we would, in any wise, enter in. Not that the position gives man the transport, but that that force as manifested in the creation of man wherein choice between the good and evil, exercising highest will force, may be manifested the greater in man. DO THAT.

(Q) Who were the first people in the world to use astrology, and what time in history was it first used

(EC) Many, many thousands, thousands of years ago . . .

(Q) Are the tendencies of an individual influenced most by the planets nearer the earth at the time of the individual's birth?

(EC) At, or from that one whom is at the zenith when the individual is in its place or sphere, or as is seen from that sphere or plane the soul and spirit took its flight in coming to the earth plane. For each plane, in its relation to the other, is just outside, just outside, relativity of force, as we gather them together.

From Reading 900-10

(Q) Does the soul choose the planet to which it goes after each incarnation? If not, what force does?

(EC) In the creation, we find all force relative one with the other, and in the earth's plane that of the flesh. In the developing from plane to plane becomes the ramification, or the condition of the will merited in its existence finding itself through eons of time. . . . When the soul reached that development in which it reached earth's plane, it became in the flesh the model, as it had reached through the developments in those spheres, or planets, known in earth's plane, obtaining then One in All. As in Mercury pertaining of Mind. In Mars of Madness. In Earth as of Flesh. In Venus as Love. In Jupiter as Strength. In Saturn as the beginning of earthly woes, that to which all insufficient matter is cast for the beginning. In that of Uranus as of the Psychic. In that of Neptune as of Mystic. In Septimus as of Consciousness. In Arcturus as of the developing. As to various constellations, and of groups, only these ramifications of the various existences experienced in the various conditions.

(Q) Name the planets in order of the soul's development and give the principal influence of each.

(EC) These have been given. Their influences, their developments may be changed from time to time, according to the individual's will forces, speaking from human viewpoint. This we find again illustrated in this: . . . through all the various stages of development. In mental perfect, in wrath perfect, in flesh made perfect, in love become perfect, in death become perfect, in psychic become perfect, in mystic become perfect, in consciousness become perfect, in the greater ruling forces becoming perfect, and is as the model, and through the compliance with such laws made perfect, destiny, the pre-destined, the fore-thought, the will, made perfect. The condition made perfect . . . [900-10)

From Reading 254-2 4

(Q) Do the planets have anything to do with the ruling of the destiny of men? If so, what? and what do they have to do with this body?

(A) They do. In the beginning, as our own planet, Earth, was set in motion, the placing of other planets began the ruling of the destiny of all matter as created, just as the division of waters was and is ruled by the moon in its path about the Earth; just so as in the higher creation, as it began, is ruled by the action of the planets about the earth.

The strongest power in the destiny of man is the Sun, first; then the closer planets, or those that are coming in ascendency at the time of the birth of the individual; but let it be understood here, no action of any planet or any of the phases of the Sun, Moon, or any of the heavenly bodies surpass the rule of Man's individual will power - the power given by the Creator of man in the beginning, when he became a living soul, with the power of choosing for himself.

The inclination of man is ruled by the planets under which he is born. In this far the destiny of man lies within the sphere or scope of the planets. With the given position of the Solar system at the time of the birth of an individual, it can be worked out, - that is, the inclinations and actions without the will power taken into consideration.

Jupiter, the higher force of all the planets, save the Sun . . . Saturn - to whom all insufficient matter is cast at its decay . . . Will is the educational factor of the body . . . .

From Reading 254-2

. . .

Arcturus magnifies the force of will. (5749-14) Arcturus is that which may be called the center of this universe. (Arcturus is the brightest star of Boötes, the Bear Driver; note the twinkle. [of the constellation( [Boötes is the brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere.]

More, According to Cayce

The stars represent soul patterns. The twelve signs of the zodiac are twelve patterns from which the soul chooses when coming into the Earth realm. We are told the star signs influence people to get more bullish, or lionish, or airy, or introspective and further (Cayce, in Sugrue 1973:236)

The afterlife realms, manifested physically by the planets, are old dwelling-realms for the souls. The planets influence people somewhat if they have a prominent place in the horoscope, or sky - that is, star clusters (constellations), sun moon and planets and more in the heavens as seen from earth, and depicted in the form of the birth horoscope (radix) and progressive horoscopes.

Edgar Cayce stated that souls reincarnate, not only to the Earth realm, but also to other realms between Earth incarnations. If a soul incarnates into an Earth life from one of these afterlife realms, the soul [may] manifest the influence of the realm it recently came from. These influences are defined by astrology, and are related to the spirit realm associated with the astrological influence of the associated planet, indicates Cayce.

As an example of how a soul travels in thought (sojourns) to various afterlife realms, Cayce described his most recent sojourns - in the Uranus afterlife and then in the Venus sphere. He incarnated to Earth with these most recent experiences in his soul to become a clairvoyant with a heart for helping others.

Pluto (a dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt) was until recently considered the seventh planet from the Earth - in the afterlife it is a realm of consciousness, final development of full consciousness. The (dwarf) planet Pluto was referred to by Cayce years before it was discovered. He referred to it as Vulcan and also as Septimus. When Pluto was discovered, Cayce affirmed that Vulcan or Septimus was the same planet as Pluto. The Pluto afterlife realm brings regeneration and a growth in consciousness, but can also bring self-centeredness. Pluto represents spiritual growth and development of the soul and also of humanity.

Saturn of Cayce: Saturn afterlife is not pleasant, for inadequate matter is redone there. Accordingly, the Saturn influence "talks" for starting anew with that Great Changer (Saturn).

Some more

Below are extracts and quotations from the book Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation (1967) by Noel Langley. Page references are to that book throughout, with a few exceptions. And what Cayce calls the Entity, is called "the soul" in this survey.


Jupiter, Venus and Uranus, those strong ennobling forces. (Langley 1967, 130)

The inclinations of man are ruled by the planet under which he is born. (Langley 1967, 130)

The destiny of man lies within the sphere or scope of the planets. (Ib., 130)

The strongest force affecting the destiny of man is the Sun first, then the closer planets to the earth, or those that are coming to ascension. (Ib., 130)

In one of those various realms abounding in the solar system, [the soul occupies] a pattern — It shifts and changes its pattern as it uses or abuses the opportunities presented to it. (Ib., 158, 264)

No action of any planet or the phases of the sun, the moon, or any of the heavenly bodies, surpasses the rule of man's own will power. (Ib., 130)


"Well for anyone . . ." ☼

"Anyone" means "some," such as reputed astrologers who get money by astrological charts and folks that align to such items. It also includes well paid researchers who study the alignments by scientific measures and procedures, and so on.

1. We are to contribute to Self-guidance, after personally choosing so

Cayce says further:

One is to fulfil the soul's purposes — Vital acts contribute to our destinies — A decision has to be a personal choice. [21, 13]

Being egocentric more often than not leads to negative decisions — Self-exaltation tries and impoverishes the inward relationship. #122]

Each soul is to be itself and surpass all kinds of urges, experiences and influences. Moreover, According to Cayce, akashic records and cosmic impressions from physical birth time horoscopes hardly agree. And this means that guidance from within should be preferred - hopefully. [18, 19]

Activity emanates from a spiritual source — Deep urges arise - astrological urges may be sensed - they stem in part from progressions and are associated with spiritual consciousness — What is felt and experienced may be used as stepping-stones for understanding. Derive something sensible from the cosmos-consciousness - that is, comprehend truly. [22, 23]

Advance to, go for, and stick to the spirit of constructiveness — One is to adhere to constructive activity for definitive purposes. [17, 18]

2. Major decisions and recurrent fellowship tend to reflect our life priorities

Divine companionship is not automatically attained — One is also to earn such companionship — We are ultimately judged by decisions we make, and not just company we keep. [118, 121, 12]

3. Experiences are to be dealt with by appropriate or acceptable gains and means, varied as they may be, but not by whining alone

Cayce teaches will stems from the essence — Will is a factor to be dealt with; it may change various experiences, and so may urges do too. [123, 124]

A fit horoscope will synchronize with the nature and time of every activity. [124]

Feelings that are not acted upon, may not show in the biography of memorable events — Changes occur, exercise may help. [125, 124]

Memorable events are accompanied by appropriate astrological milestones and peaking instigations. [125]

Many times it comes to the fore that unacceptable gains fail. [139]


It might be OK to prepare for or even contribute to Self-guidance by appropriate and not too whining company.

To consider

Because we have had experiences with the vibrations of the different planets between lifetimes, the planets have an internal influence on us when we reincarnate into the earth plane. These influences of the planets are felt by us in the form of inclinations, tendencies, and urges, and may become urges. [Cayce Reading 781-5].

Those who live by [astrology] the more oft are controlled rather than controlling their own lives and destinies. . . . [A help:] the Will of an individual. [Cayce Reading 815-6]


Edgar Cayce literature

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