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Cayce Predictions

On January 1, 1945, Edgar Cayce predicted he would be buried in four more days. He died of a stroke two days later.

Cayce is also credited with foreseeing the start and end of both World Wars, the Great Depression and what looks like the Great Wall Street Crash:

". . . adverse forces that will come in 1929 . . . unless another of the more STABLE banking conditions come to the relief, a great disturbance in financial circles . . . we may expect a considerable break and bear market..

In a reading from 1927 Cayce forecast future medical advancements that would make an accurate diagnosis from a single drop of blood a reality - it might have sounded like science fiction at the time, but it has come true.

Good News and Bad News: Introduction

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was an American who through special Readings taught we have lived before and that we create karma, and also told how to behave to our long-range benefit. He accepted astrology, taught meditation and dream interpretation, and the value of ideals. Throughout his medical Readings, Cayce spent efforts on prescribing cures and diets. His stand on how spirit, mind and body are interrelated, apply both to holistic health work and work aiming at spiritual integration and development.

He also foretold many events that should have happened by now. Have they, and how far? Take a look - if you find some prophesies fail, how are the rest of his foretellings and other tellings to be handled, for example? The answer has to be: "Expertly!" . . .

Welcome facts

A prophesy is either coming true or it is not coming true. "Time will tell" if clear foretellings with dates in them, fail to come true, wholly or in part.

Some prophesies are so woolly that they may taken to mean "anything and less than that". But unequivocal statements that say what will happen, where and when, may not be so easily twisted and bent outside a cultish group. Old people and others who have lived long enough to see whether the prophesy has failed in this world, had better tell it all - and if telling undermines false authority, it is not bad.

So special hindsight of the type "time did tell" can yield precious knowledge and understanding. It is a bit related to "After the event we are all wise." But all folks are not wiser after presaged events that failed to come true, as shown by doomsday cults. When this and that doomsday fails, cult leaders and members twist and twirl to go on. It may be tragicomic. Proverbs like "Don't believe anything your hear," "Believe but make sure," and so on might have bulwarked against that. Fairness is called for.

Here goes:

Cayce often spoke of the Atlantis continent in the Cayce Readings. He said the size of Atlantis was equal to "that of Europe, including Asia in Europe." There had been a "good" faction and an "evil" faction of souls there, and some such souls are reincarnated. However, researchers have not been able to locate Atlantis, and geology findings offer no unequivocal clues either. [The Atlantis of Rudolf Steiner]

Ancient Egypt and biblical times frequently came up in his particular Readings too. Cayce told how old the Cheops pyramid in Egypt was, and it has proved wrong by carbon dating. His claims were that the pyramid was built 10,500 BCE - about 7000 years amiss.

He also told of earth changes in the coming, affecting a great part of California. Now, what he told about cataclysmic world changes before 2000 AD, has not come true either - for example that by the end of the 1900s, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco would be destroyed:

Watch New York, Connecticut and the like. Many portions of the east coast will be disturbed, as well as many portions of the west coast, as well as the central portion of the United States. Los Angeles, San Francisco, most of all these will be among those that will be destroyed before New York, or New York City itself, will in the main disappear

"The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye," he also said, and also that "evolution or revolution in the ideas of religious thought" [would] eventually come out of Russia.

Cayce also prophesied that the Earth's axis would be shifted by the year 2001.

The final Cayce prediction was from New Year's Day, 1945. It it, he announced that he would be buried on the fifth of January, and was right. He had a stroke attack and died on January 3, 1945, after working too hard for too long.

Score Check. Add it up yourself

  1. Atlantis size - a hit far from evidence, is that it?
  2. The pyramids in Egypt - the largest one was not built as early as he said.
  3. Central US cities destroyed, by the year 2000, etc. Cayce hardly refers to violence, drug addicts and hitmen by this, but something cataclysmic.
  4. Japan into the sea. - Not even close.
  5. The upper parts of Europe changed - apart from seasonal changes.
  6. The Earth's axis shifted by 2001. Ho-ho.
  7. The foretelling of his own burial five days into the future. A HIT

There is no reason to mask he had one hit - As for the other foretellings in this tiny survey, some have clearly failed to come true. As for his "backtellings", Atlantis is hard to find. And current dating of the large pyramids does not match that of Cayce.

There you have it. One hit and at least one more item clouded in obscurity. His foretellings at large failed to come true.

Then what about other tellings of his, or readings, as they are called? It is time to get cautious or remain one one's guard against great belief only. It can be good to tune it correctly to find out of things oneself, or not to risk much from blind or lame beliefs. Buddha teaches so. It can be great help if carried out. [Kalama Sutta]


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