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White ducks

Duck Proverbs

More rain, more rest; more water will suit the ducks best. [British]

Wild ducks and tomorrow both come without calling. [Russian]

Ducks quack louder before rain. [Proverbial]

Some birds avoid the water; ducks seek it. [African]

A duck won't always paddle in the same gutter. [American]

lt's better to be a big duck in a little puddle than to be a little duck in a big puddle. [American]

"Time enough" lost the ducks. (It refers to the danger of delaying such as locking up the ducks to protect them from the fox). [British]

Duck Quotations

Wise ducks know how to handle their bills. [TK]

If you want to study ducks and to learn all that is possible to know about ducks, then you had better love ducks. - Abraham Maslow [Rvl, App F]

"If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, you can be reasonably sure it is a duck." - Adage

Dealing with [TV] network executives is like being nibbled to death by ducks. - Eric Sevareid

A little white duck

There's a little white duck sitting in the water,
A little white duck doing what he oughter,
He took a bite of a lily pad,
Flapped his wings and he said, "I'm glad
I'm a little white duck sitting in the water,
Quack! Quack! Quack!"

[W. Barrows and B. Zaritzky, performed by Burl Ives among others [◦Another version on YouTube]

Duck sounds

Bengali: gack-gack
Danish: rap
Dutch: kwak kwak
English: quack quack
Finnish: kvaak kvaak
French: coin coin
German: quack, quack
Hebrew: ga ga ga
Italian: qua qua
Norwegian: kvakk-kvakk
Russian and Ukrainian: krya-krya
Swedish: kvack

"Duck Latin"

Qua in Latin means 'as'. Ducks seem to talk in Latin: Say qua, qua, qua many times, and fast. It sounds much like a duck, doesn't it?

Comments on Andersen's Ugly Duckling

Raphael. Putto (child angel). Detail from wall painting at the Sistene Chapel of the Vatican

The lone outsider holds a promise, and nature fulfills it.

Farm life is tough, and family living too.

What swan is it that we should "look" into? Is tracing the figurative swan really the same as finding one's inward nature with (figurative) wings? The answers could be "of course". If so, it is because persons agree to interpret things that way.

"Obviously it is in the youthful period of life that we have most to gain from a thorough recognition of the instinctual side." [Carl G. Jung]


Essay on Ducks

1. Quiet Duck Reflections for the Sensible

Duck: Alan D. Wilson. Male mallard in Ladner, British Columbia, Uploaded 2006
A duck

There are things that are good for children and adults alike. Tending a duck pond could be one of the most significant things you do in your whole life. Going to a duck pond tends to encourage easy, lax encounters, and maybe easy sharing with others. It's most often good for children to be around ducks, but not too close. Some distancing must be respected too. It's too close when the child or duck family becomes afraid.

Helping nature's geese, ducks and swans could favour the kind of good fortune that helps nice or healthy encounters, good talk between father and daughter, and quiet reflections into the view-points of others - ducks have minds too. they defy a lot, and can snap out of view-points in large-handed deals.

As a brave duck goes along, it neither look down on people nor bitterly up to them. It is a master of simple and unrestrained measures and refrains.

Look to ducks and learn to imitate them. It shouldn't be hard. Besides, wild ducks are sensible creatures.

We have to study how ducks make it throughout life to detect any great ideas and sensible wisdom embodied in their waggling ways. Man hardly thrives long enough and well enough without linking up to animals and birds in favourable ways locally.

2. Duck Quacks Are not Alike

When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck. [Richard James Cardinal Cushing (1895-1970)]

There are many sorts of ducks. Geese and swans belong to the duck family too. Different kinds of ducks are marked by different sounds, different shape and size and plumage, and different living patterns (habitat too). In Norway there are forty-four sorts of birds belonging to the duck family.

Heavy essay on:

Some get smitten by catchy words, and some catchy words may further shallowness. Resist. Some are helped to it by a good education. Observing ducks may suit a lot of people, and there are lessons in it for life: There is variation in nature. You have to know a lot of ducks to be able to decide about them once you are out of the farm and in the wild, probably.

There are many sorts of ducks, and there can be peculiar mixtures of them too, even though a sort (species) differs from others in how it looks like, how it sounds, and how and where it prefers to live. Male ducks typically differ from she-ducks, and ducklings from grown-ups.

Duck sounds are not all alike. The Bucephala clangula calls "kuriu". The Mergus albellus says "krrr". The Mergus merganser says "koerr-koerr". And the Anas platyrhinchos says "reeb" and "quack". The Anas penelope has the piping sound "vio-vio". The Anas crecca says such as "krrikk, krrikk". The Aythya ferina male says "by-by" in a piping sound, and the she says "karr karr". [Fu 202-08, 227-34, passim]

Besides one is to allow for "peculiar mixtures". Bastards of Mergus albellus and Buchepala clangula exist, for example. [Fu 233]

It may be fit to question what sort of duck and be able to suggest or assess it with some ease. There may be occasions when we are as yet unable to decide, and others when we are not sure and therefore speak of likelihoods and possibilities. Hallmarks and other tokens need to be taken into account to help your growing, enlarging understanding of the world. If you go on in a fit way, it may be great fun. And exploring can be fun too, also for tiny children, research shows. The right learning processes need to be activated. Then a figurative chain reaction of interest and learning follows. In it, one answer can give rise to five new questions. There is room for many questions and attempts at answers, indeed.

Now, in Norway alone there are forty-four species of the duck family. Ten kinds of geese and three sorts of swans are included in it. There are occasional visitors from afar too, from Arctic areas, from Western Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. They come in addition to the others. There is also the possibility of look-alikes: Melanitta nigra looks considerably like Melanitta fusca, for example. Knowing the hallmarks of different species is good help. [Fu 294-303, 399, 454]

"If in doubt, win the trick [Edmund Hoyle]." When you seek to identify phenomena - what goes on, and the like - relevant classifications help. Solid classifications, meticulous observations on a foundation of study, and interest help. Do what you can to start a positive learning experience. Calm and ease may help it, and mastery of learning skills too.

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