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Philosophy of Education
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Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of education:

  1. A philosophical study or normative theory of education and its problem fields, including how good learning is brought about, and problems concerning upbringing, teaching, aims, methods, discipline, etc.
  2. One of any educational philosophies that promote a specific type or vision of education;
  3. Examinined definitions, goals and meanings of education.

There is informal and formal education.

  • The part of the educator(s): nurturing, sheltering, raising (upbringing), and teaching skills that are good to know.
  • The part of the educated: Enjoy being fed, sheltered, raised pleasantly, and taught with much skill, blended with concern or love. Or if not enjoying it, to stand one's lot, at best a little stoically. Or if not standing it, refrain from beer, learn better study methods and see what else may be done by a minor or minority to get a better hand while preparing for the school of life and positioning oneself for the long run - or possible long run. Exemplary conduct tends to work well. And, as judged by many results, it could be good and work well to learn and practice TM [◦Effects of TM (Transcendental Meditation)]
  • The big gain of education is what is contained in the ladle (mind, soul, heart) after it has been dipped into the porridge of good, mediocre or bad schooling: Information (knowledge), attitudes and skills. Learning is not just intellectual.


Philosophy of Education, Literature  

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