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Notes to Fairy Tales of Span and Portugal
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Spanish Tales

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A Cheating Bird

Lee 1931, 892-93. Spanish source: Fernán Caballero.

[The tale]

The Fox and the Goose

Lee 1931, 891-92. Spanish source: Fernán Caballero.

[The tale]

The Twin Brothers

Lang's Grey Fairy Book, 1905, 322-32. Spanish source: Fernán Caballero.

[The tale]

The Bird of Truth

Langs' Orange Fairy Book, 1906, 292-306. The tale was collected by Cecilia Böhl de Faber in her Cuentos de encantamiento. It is also included in Fernán Caballero's work of 1878.

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Starving John, Doctor

Busk 1870, 123-30.

[The tale]

The Woodcutter's Son

Eells 1920, 25-35.

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Portuguese Tales

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The Enchanted Girl

Pedroso 1882, 37-40.

[The tale]

The Little Old Man's Goddaughter

"St. Peter's Goddaughter," in Pedroso 1882, 53-59.

[The tale]

The False Prince and the True

Lang's Lilac Fairy Book, 1910, 22-31.

[The tale]

The Rich Brother and the Poor Brother

Lang's Lilac Fairy Book, 1910, 173-85.

[The tale]

The Spell-Bound Giant

Pedroso 1882, 33-37.

[The tale]

The Cabbage Stalk

Pedroso 1882, 81-85.

[The tale]

The Girl and the Fish

"The Maiden and the Fish," in Pedroso 1882, 97-100.

[The tale]

The Rabbit

Pedroso 1882, 29-32.

[The tale]

Clever Maria

Lang's Crimson Fairy Book, 1903, 359-67.

[The tale]

What Came of Picking Flowers

Lang's Grey Fairy Book, 1905, 93-102.

[The tale]

The Prince Who Wanted to See the World

Lang's Violet Fairy Book, 1906, 356-63.

[The tale]


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