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French Folktales

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French folktales, fairy tales and legends In France are very many tales and legends from small and large districts. Henri Pourrat's remarkable collection from Auvergne contains a thousand tales, for example.

Here are French fairy tales and legends from various folk sources. Most of them have not been rewritten to suit the fancies of the upper classes, unlike many tales of Charles Perrault and Madame d'Aulnoy.

  1. Little Golden Hood
  2. The Piper
  3. The Cock's Wife
  4. Buckwheat Cakes
  5. The Enchanted Watch
  6. The Castle of the Sun
  7. The Submerged City
  8. The Glover
  9. The Green Serpent
  10. Toads and Diamonds
  11. The Hunchback and His Two Brothers
  12. The Youth Who Did Not Know
  1. The Two Soldiers
  2. The Peasant and the Wolf
  3. Fortunate Cricket
  4. The Snake, the Fox and the Man
  5. Wise Grandchildren
  6. The Two Brothers
  7. The Merchant and his Home
  8. The Amazing Old Mower
  9. The Three Spinning Women
  10. Beanstalk Climbing
  11. Lyon and the Princess of Austria
  12. The Skills of Count Bérenger
  13. The Chickens
French fairy tales and legends and a Gallus gallus, a French rooster
The Gallic rooster is one of the unofficial symbols of France. (Much modified photo)

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