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Life Quotations
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Life Quotations

Here are 28 quotations and pithy sayings on life. There are a few books about the subject at the bottom of the page also. Sayings without author names linked to them, can be credited T. Kinnes.


A life very well lived is from the source and outwards-onwards.

A life well lived should be good for one's deep-going sanity too.

As you start to grow tall, let wild birds or animals rest in your shade.

Being torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world makes it hard to plan the day (With E. B. White).

By cultivating clarity within, some rise to abandon delusions (I Ching hexagram 30).

Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark (Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged).

Don't try to make life a mathematics problem with yourself in the center and everything coming out equal. When you're good, bad things can still happen. And if you're bad, you can still be lucky (Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible (Compare)]

Finish each day and tomorrow is a new day (With Ralph Waldo Emerson).

First go for benefits in life, and then you have resources to see and help better.

Fools can do damage if they bite from behind.

From their errors and mistakes the wise and good learn solid wisdom for the future (With Plutarch).

Get downright prudent as time goes by.

I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university (Albert Einstein).

Let periodic rests work for decent and accomplished attainments and for solving problems too.

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards (Søren Kierkegaard).

Life is full of beauty. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Feel the wind. Live and fight for your dreams (With Ashley Smith).

Life is preferably to be enjoyed, not just endured (Cf. Gordon B. Hinckley).

Life tends to bring tensions with it.

Life will flash before your eyes, so make it worth watching.

Not to waste any time getting into a well-founded project can be good for you and good for others also.

Only a life lived is a life fully worth while (With Albert Einstein).

Religion seeks to convince people that there's an invisible someone who watches everything you do and goes for money and influence (Cf. George Carlin).

Some infinities are bigger than other infinities (John Green, The Fault in Our Stars).

Some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal (Albert Camus).

To do lots of good should amount to make one's further existence better.

To live happily, enter Nirvana all right.

To make mistakes in life is human, but to profit from them is human too.

When death comes, you're not going to survive any longer.


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Boyd, Denise, and Helen L. Bee. Lifespan Development. 7th and global ed., paperback. Harlow, Essex: Pearson Education Limited, 2015. ⍽▢⍽ The authors address critical concepts of human development and dive into sides to life from the crib to the brink of the grave, and phases or stages in between. It is one of the classifying textbooks aimed for students. Also, a look at Erik H. Eriksons life phases could be of help.

Lievegoed, Bernard. Phases: The Spiritual Rhythms of Adult Life. Forest Row: Sophia Books/Rudolf Steiner Press, 2012. ⍽▢⍽ The author describes various periods of human life - adolescence, the twenties, the thirties, the forties, and on into old age - looking at qualities and challenges of each period. The author affirms that mere physiological and psychological explanations of the human being are incomplete as long as there is an "I" in there somewhere. He wants to approach the human life-path from three angles: (a) the biological (b) the psychological (c) the spiritual, he opens his second chapter with telling.

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