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Practical Proverb Wisdom
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Aim at Practical Proverb Wisdom ☼

Some sayings from days gone by offer help to beginners in the art of dealing with life.

In the abounding narcissism in the West, getting ceremonial-religious may suggest deep-seated problems. Sane self-searching should be tried. Even better: Transcendental Meditation, suggests research findings by Dr. Jaan Suurküa.

1. Sound proverbial wisdom tries to establish practical outlets

Some proverbs revolve around the worth and meaning of human life. Others are on how to conduct oneself in an accepted way in a setting from times long gone.

2. Facade-religious could suggest some deep-seated problems with "closets"

Mainly in a biblical closet or inner room is where to pray in a non-faithless way - not in public. (Matthew 6:5-6)

Ptah-Hotep's sayings uphold obedience to a father and a superior as the highest virtue and show that many moral instructions can be largely materialistic and political and contribute to a well-ordered society. In ancient cultures in or around Mesopotamia both laws and proverbs served such ends.

Some biblical parables and allegories are rooted in proverbs, and seem related to the ancient Egyptian Amenemope's collection of teachings on how to live like many an ancient Egyptian.

1. To go for fair, practical wisdom and get accomplished later, is wise

The Hebrew word mashal is often translated as "proverb". In its simplest and oldest form is a couplet where a definition is given in two parallel lines related to each other in special ways: antithetical or synthetical. Here is an antithetic saying: "He who spurns his father's discipline is a fool, he who accepts correction is discreet."


Some proverbs seek to establish practical outcomes.


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Harvesting the hay

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