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Jean Racine Quotations
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Jean Racine Quotations

Jean-Baptiste Racine
Jean Racine (1639-99)

Jean Racine was a French dramatist who was born in La Ferte-Milon on 20 December 1639. He was a child of Classisism and raised in a Convent.

General lessons from Racine's works and life may be put to work if they "resonate" well with the individual and his general background and a set of circumstances.


A man cannot be such as he would be, if circumstances do not admit of it. [Racine]

A noble heart cannot suspect in others the pettiness and malice that it has never felt. [Racine]

Art is to please and to move. [Racine]

He who will travel far spares his steed. [Racine]

How good is God! [Racine]

I am a man, and nothing that concerns a man do I deem a matter of indifference to me. [Racine]

Is a faith without action a sincere faith? [Racine]

It behooves a prudent person to make trial of everything before arms. [Racine]

Many things, both just and unjust, are sanctioned by custom. [Racine]

Often it is fatal to live too long. [Racine]


Jean-Baptiste Racine Quotations, Literature  

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