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Rudolf Steiner Words of Wisdom

Quotation joke. Rudolf Steiner humour "This is a good person and that is an evil one . . . this is an Italian and that a Frenchman".
- Rudolf Steiner, in "Outlooks for the Future," GA 254

Words of Wisdom by Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner photo
Rudolf Steiner, founder of Anthroposophy, Waldorf Education, biodynamic gardening and agriculture, etc.

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) produced much wisdom. Below are some essentials of it. "One should read (even Dr Rudolf Steiner) to weigh and consider." [With Lord Bacon]

"Man is meant to be a whole, and for him knowledge of things will go hand in hand with the development and education of the life of feeling.

Feeling is the means whereby, in the first instance, concepts gain concrete life." [Rudolf Steiner]

Rudolf Steiner Thinking

"I rest within the Godhead of the world;
There shall I find myself"

[Rudolf Steiner, Guidance in Esoteric Training]

There should be many and fine sides to looking intently at the great ideas and methods of Rudolf Steiner, glossing and studying texts professionally or to one's ability. One neat reason is that he often divulges notions that diverge from the mainstream, and other notions that have proved to be forerunners of now very accepted theories, for example parts of Jean Piaget ideas, methods of education, gardening, and more. What is more, Steiner goes into his ideas much like a word-painted, and elaborates on topics for the sake of listeners and readers, to help them get a grasp.

To find straight, divergent ideals and ideas to compare mainstream teachings with, can arouse good energy in some, can help attempts toward higher or more proficient outlooks , and bring fair zest to one's living. It could happen. It may be similar in some ways to taking up art in some study circle or rewarding class: it could be downright refreshing.

As for getting into Rudolf Steiner, the originator of Waldorf Schools, what we talk for is not a matter of believing in his lore or hail admirers of his, but of admitting and perhaps try to study divergent viewpoints - maybe for such as getting refreshed oneself, such as Lord Bacon is into on top. And more important still, he divulges formerly secret methods of spiritual development, and applies findings to many walks of life. There is much good to harvest. And maybe there is some dross among the gold too. And that is where proficient use of the methods that Steiner teaches, may be helpful!

Ruldolf Steiner on Truth-telling

Rudolf Steiner drawing by TK
Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), pen drawing with some added colour mix - from a portrait.

"NOT EVERYONE today can cross the threshold to the spiritual world; but no one would be prevented from perceiving the truth of what is said by those who have crossed that threshold. . . .

Common sense which is not led astray . . . can [hopefully] decide of itself whether the element of truth rules in what anyone says. If someone speaks of spiritual worlds, you must take account of everything: the manner of speaking, the seriousness with which things are treated, the logic which is developed, and so on, and then it will be possible to judge whether what is presented as information about the spiritual world is charlatanism, or whether it has foundation.

. . . No one is hindered from making fruitful in the natural and social realms that which is brought over from the well-spring of spiritual life by those who have the right to speak of the principle of initiation." - Dr. Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Waldorf School movement.

From The Michael Impulse - Lecture XI
Dornach, December 14, 1919 - [Check (see "lectures")]

Steiner Advice

Rudolf Steiner drawing by TK
Rudolf Steiner, pen drawing.

THE SOUL which gives itself over to the inner illumination recognizes in itself not only what it was before the illumination; it also recognizes what it has become only through this illumination . . .

The seeing soul cannot be selfish in (the) sense that it wills only itself.

- R. Steiner, Mysticism at the Dawn of the Modern Age: Meister Eckhart (both)

THE WISDOM of the Mysteries was embedded in the religion of the Israelite people . . . Mystery-conceptions which we have seen to be the common property of Greek and Egyptian spiritual life . . . Thinkers who lived in the earlier days of Christianity found so much agreement between the philosophical teachings of Plato and the deeper meaning of Moses' writings that they called Plato the Moses of the Greek tongue. - R. Steiner, Christianity As Mystical Fact, part 12, The Gospels.


Steiner's Guidance in Esoteric Training

Rudolf Steiner photo modified
Rudolf Steiner, a toned photo.

"WHAT THEN are the forces which surge in upon our still inert spiritual organs? During the daytime, the astral body of modern man is assailed by forces that work against his development, and even destroy such organs as he formerly possessed before the dawn of his clear day-consciousness.

In earlier times, man received direct astral impressions. The surrounding world spoke to him through pictures, through the form in which the astral world comes to expression. Living, inwardly organic pictures and colours hovered freely in surrounding space as expressions of pleasure and repugnance, sympathy and antipathy. Then these colours wrapped themselves, as it were, round the surface of things, and objects acquired fixed outlines. This was when the physical body of man was steadily gaining in solidity.

- Rudolf Steiner, Guidance in Esoteric Training, part 4, The Task of Spiritual Science. (both)

LEARN MORE: Rudolf Steiner: The Story of My Life. Edited by H. Collison. New York: Anthroposophic Press, 1928. [◦Online]

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