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Turkish Proverbs - Introduction
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Many Turkish proverbs are similar to proverbs in the Western world, although phrased differently. Thus, there are often analoguous proverbs that express similar sentiments. In this collection, most of the "Turkish proverbs" in English are of this sort. That is, most of them are not literal translations, but equivalents or near-equivalents to express the given sentiments - it is a common practice. Yet a little warning may be fit: Even though many proverbs touch the quite general human condition, there may be room for different interpretations.

Turkish proverbs reflect a common fund of experiences, concerns and common sense. Many observations and analogies may amuse too.

Markers to the reader's benefit

On many pages are simple markers, like 'Mod', 'Abr', 'Cf', brackets and some symbols. What they stand for and how they are used is explained briefly on a separate page, [Gain-Ways], which contains further tips on making reading more profitable by favouring kernels and other sides to learning proficiency. The page contains a few good references to study skills too.

The use of the markers is for easing the reading and getting to good ideas in a text straight away, if there are any. At any rate, there should be less delays and fewer distractions that otherwise can reduce the delight of reading.

PS. Near the bottom of pages where 'Mod', 'With' and further are used, the 'Gain-Ways' link is an easy route to these explanations.


Turkish proverbs in English and equivalents, Literature  

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